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[QUOTE=noni2;4901388]I will try to be short(even though it's a long story). I began having some problems early in 2008 feeling like I had to cough not unctroable cough but feeling like something was there and I had to cough, and sometimes like I had to cough to get a better breath. Went to my Dr. in Sept. 2008, he thought I had mild asthma and the pulomagist said the same thing which I questions from the get go. Had me on inhaler and advair, only used till about mid 2009. Then in Jan. 2009 got a horrible cold and from then on things really got worse. Finally went to ent Dr. Sept 2009 put me on nexium and nasonex, he said my vocal cords were very red and inflammed, my throat did not hurt me at all. By then it was the breathing problems, hoarsness,coughing, etc. etc. Went back in 8 weeks he said they looked better. Went off the nasonex thinking the acid was probably the problem and stayed on the nexium ever since. I think it is more silent reflux I only had sour taste in mouth and occasionaly alittle heartburn.About 6 months later I began to be better which would be around beginning of 2010, and continued to get better, had less and less of the syptoms. Went to the ent Oct. 2010 and he said my vocal cords are not as pink as he would like to see them, which leads me to believe they are still not right. Now a year latinger I may go see him again just to see what he sees. And like I had said before it was by chance that I realized the xanax was helping because at that time I was taking it for anxiety. Took it almost every day for about a year and now since mid 2010, don't take much only occasionally. I think when it helped with the coughing it also gave my vocal cords a chance to heal. Really never made many diet changes although I really should maybe that would help also. But love my chocolate, coffee, and red wine. Anyway that is the story.[/QUOTE]

I see Noni. Our cases although different in severity are all similar in our clinical presentations. LPR is the beginning stages of GERD only in LPR cases, both our sphincters aren't working at the same time to close of the stomach. There are many variables involved in the spinchters not closing off the stomach. Many of the foods and medications we take relax the spinchters over time. Stress can kick up more acid and make the condition more severe I suppose. I realized when I received many of my acid tests back, that the Drs are able to measure the ability of the LES (Lower Esophgeal Spinchter) to close. In my case after the fundoplication surgery the Drs told me that although my acid level went down substantially, from a score of 40 to .4, they did tell me that although the surgery appeared successful, my LES was still a little bit loose. I asked if I could go back into surgery to tighten it up and the new surgeon said it was too risky. That I had to learn to live with the throat pain. Sometimes people are born with spinchters that don't have a tight tone, then we add food like coffee, sweets, chocolate, wine, beer, liquor, tomateo sauce etc that over time weaken the spinchters more. Additionally many every day medications we use also weaken spinchters over time. And loss of hormones do as well. For example lower testoserone and estrogen and low sun D hormone. Even conditions such as severe apnea can change the esphogeal pressure and suck up gases from stomach when we sleep. Together all those things come together in a constellation and our spinchter muscles go "limp" on us. The challenge is to find things that will strengthen those spinchters muscles to reduce the severity of LPR. For me it my personal history points in the direction of having had low Vit D levels due to my avoiding the sun for 40 years. And there is plenty of literature out there that indicates I'm not the only one. Our modern livestyles don't get us outside enough. Then we enter winter months with low reserves of D our Vit D reserves get lower and lower. We gain weight as we age, which pulls Vit D hormone out of our blood stream and attaches to our fat cells. And then we don't assimulate Vit D as well on our aging skins. For a young person to get LPR must be devasting. I can't imagine being a new mother with a baby that developes LPR or being a young person who has a life time to deal with with this devasting anatomical illness. At least I was older when then this happened. I will gather some interesting articles for you all to read and put the links on here so you can read them. Sometimes understanding the mechinisms of what LPR is and what causes it, helps alot. And knowing that we are not alone and not crazy helps so much. My first Drs got angry with me when the Flonase didn't work for me and I kept coming back to tell them I was in so much pain. They were so mean and cruel in their attitude to me. Because no one thought of checking my throat and they didn't refer me to a ENT no one could see how burnt my throat was. My intial symtoms were sever neck/head/cheeks/ear pain. No one thought of looking in at my throat. No Dr in the beginning ever referred me to a specialist. After 5 months I had to request a specialist which in my humble opinion is unacceptable. A Dr. should refer the patient as the patent trusts the Dr. And I was too nice to stand up to my Drs. I remained polite. And later after the fundoplication surgery, when I told my surgeions that I was 10x worse after surgery and when I went to the ER because I couldn't bear the throat/neck/head pain anymore I got referred to mental health for stress . It was beyond my ability to endure. I wasn't stressed I was burning to death. I went because I was so defeated. I knew they were wrong but I was going down hill so fast that I clung to anything they said. I kept telling them I wasn't stressed that I was burning to death. They would just continue writing and asking ridiculous questions while I seared to death. Finally I got a GI who pounded her keyboards in anger while she took my clincal report and she refuted everything I said. All I could say was that I was in horrible pain. When she finally got to my physical examine and felt my neck I winced in horrible pain. It felt like I had 4 huge balls in my throat. The GI walked over to the phone and must have called ENT and said, "...yes, I've got one here I want to be sure of before I send her to back to her primary...yes, I just want you to check her to be sure." She ended the meeting and didn't even say good bye. She just looked at me in anger. I think she must have felt that I was making it up. It truly was like being in the twilight zone. I never expected that a Dr could treat a patient like this. The GI didn't really believe me but at least she did make the call to ENT. When I got to ENT he confirmed I was burnt to a crisp. I immediately ran home demanded a new GI that believed that LPR existed and that if I did not get a new GI I would go to the Chief of the hospital. Not one person said they were sorry for putting me through so much. The unknown is difficult and understanding the how and why of LPR helps alot. Most Drs have never heard of LPR. My ENT has finally put LPR on his web site as one of the things he treats. I thought it was ironic as ENT doesn't treat it, GI Dept does and neither dept can help a patient with LPR. Its ironic from this patient's point of view. I will write again after Jan 5th when I get more time on my internet service. There is one promising technique surgery that is being worked on at several major universities around the world that is still being tested. In the US it may take 5-10 years to get approval. When I showed it to my Drs they said "you don't want to try something that is so new." A few countries have approved it. I think Italy has but the USA has not approved it. It's still going through medical trial studies. I'll look for the articles and send the links. I hope Vit D's abilily to strengthen muscles can keep us going until new surgeries come along that can close off the stomach safely.

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