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Thanks for ur previous reply. Here is my story. Iím a 20 year old male with no prior reflux problems. Roughly about a year and a half ago I spent the year abroad on a college study program in Israel. I caught a virus from my roommate who came down with the same LPR symptoms at the second the virus started. The initial runny nose symptoms went away and only the lpr symptoms were left. About a few weeks later I came down with a massive crippling virus and was put on antibiotics. For the next 3 months the doctors in Israel couldnít figure out what was wrong, but then I came back home to America. I was diagnosed as LPR and was given PPIs twice a day and Zantac at night. My main symptom excess phlegm lessened but didnít disappear fully. A few weeks after the PPIs I came down with weakness I had trouble walking etc prob related to the initial virus. The disease specialist I saw told me that he thought it was some unknown post viral syndrome. I had thousands of dollars worth of tests and he told me to rest and not exercise till I got better. I started to feel better within a few weeks and waited 3 months to exercise. thankfully Iím better in relation to the weakness .Now a year and a half later unless I eat completely wrong , or just had a virus my symptoms r just excess phlegm which I spit out. First I have a globus feeling in my neck then I press my tongue against my upper palate and bring the phlegm up and then either swallow or spit it out. [B][U]My main question is does lyrica or neurontin help with the phlegm symptom or it only helps take away sore throat pain if u have ne[/U][/B]. Iím currently seeing dr jonathan aviv have u heard of him.

If you look at Sheepdog's recent postings, you can see that she says phlegm was a major problem which lyrica got rid of ALMOST completely. That matches my experience. My phlegm comes after meals sometimes, but its nothing like the hell it was in November, when I thought this would never go away.
I think it's fair to say that you might never get your pre-Israel status back, but you'll get to the point that you aren't pining for better days. You can get to the point that your problem is at most a very minor nuisance. So it's worth a shot and I encourage you to take it. I've never heard of Dr. Aviv but you might want to bring him the medical journal article "Sensory neuropathy and pharmocologic management" and the article from 2008 october ENT Today "Pregabalin shows promise as a treatment for laryngeal sensory neuropathy."

Yes I'm still alive and kicking. These days, the LPR has faded so that I sometimes think "was it all a dream?" The most important things, in my opinion, are the following:

If it began suddenly, you may safely hork phlegm on the idea that this has anything at all to do with reflux. One day that boneheaded idea will be as exinct as Aristotle's idea of the 4 elements, or Galen's idea of the 4 humours. (black bile anyone?)

Changing your diet will only make your life worse, and will not help your throat one iota.

Take lyrica/xanax/klonopin. anything that works on nerves, and you will feel better. All that matters is feeling better in the end.

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