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GERD can cause all kinds of strange symptoms. At my sudden onset I had some of the muscle pain you're talking about, and tingling, etc. I thought I was having heart probs but I'm 37 and healthy (although sometimes a heavy drinker). My symptoms have come and gone, changed over time, etc., and for a while I was trying to convince myself it wasn't GERD-related, but eventually I got a regime that started to help. PPI's never worked for me (Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid), only the OTC H2 blockers like Pepcid and Tagamet. I was only taking these when I felt symptoms, and only once a day per the instructions on the bottle, but when I finally saw a specialist he said take it twice a day, at morning and night, and take it even if I wasn't feeling any bad symptoms. Finally that seemed to help, so I would say consistency is a big part of brining your symptoms under control.

I finally had an endo 10 months after onset and it showed only minor stomach inflammation, nothing in the esophogus and no ulcers. Still, I wonder why sometimes I feel the pain (bloating, bubbling, heaviness) in the middle of my chest. The doctor said all those nerves are connected, so you may feel strange things all over.

A couple things I tried but ultimately could not tell if they worked: taking a magnesium supplement, as mag is supposed to be good for your muscles and nerves, and drinking apple cider vinegar. You might want to research those and try. If you don't think the Prilosec is working for you, try Pepic or Tagamet (generics are fine) twice a day in the morning and night regardless of how you feel, and supplement with Pepto in between if needed. I tried Gaviscon but Pepto also worked better (and went down better).

Definitely get an endoscopy, it will bring you peace of mind knowing exactly what's going on down there. Maybe get a cardiac stress test, too (I did). All of these things will give you peace of mind at least. And report back with results!!

Good luck.

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