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Help me!
Dec 18, 2010
I'm 18 years old and i've been having serious problems!. It all started last summer i was having these weird stomach aches. I would constantly feel like i would have to burp and was never really hungry i had heartburn and would have to force myself to eat. School year ended i went to the doctors they said i had acid reflux and put me on prevacid. It seemed to work and it went away.

This school year was my senior year and weird things started happening. I was really worried one week because i dropped my vitamin pill in school and was petrified that someone was going to find it. This stress and anxiety went on for a week till i finally got in my head no one was going to find it. 2 weeks later i started feeling very lightheaded and felt my chest and had heart palpitations and went to the doctor. Had a EKG, Ultrasound, 24-hour holter monitor and signs came back great the doctor said i had PVC's which were caused of stress he said. Everything was great for a week and then one night i threw up after i ate a lot and figured i just must have ate too much. But thats when the real problem began. I started to get the stomach problems i once had last year. I would get it every morning after i went poop and it would last all day, i would constantly have a feeling of having to belch! Then i started to get constant pain in my left rib cage and right rib cage, that would go away but then it would go back to my stomach! my stool and urine are perfect no blood or anything i have mucus in my stool sometimes but i believe thats healthy. i thought this all started because of the dairy i ate which was a ton do to me working out all the time i had to get my protein so i would down yogurts, cottage cheese milk, cheese daily. I workout everyday and one time I overdosed on supplements i was taking "no explode" and threw up every time i would workout so i stopped and went to dairy. My parents believe the supplements started all of this

no hunger in the morning, constant belching sensation in stomach, lack of appetite, heartburn, lump in throat, mucus in bottom of throat, radiating pain from left and/or right lower ribs to lower back

PVC's, sudden fatigue, lightheadedness. dizzy


Now this has continued for 2 months everyday is a battle for me. I now get some chest pain shortness of breathe lightheadedness and dizzy this will last for about 10 min and i have to drink water and itll go away. It just seems that if my stomach isnt aching or hurting then i have lump in my throat and hard to breath or get pvc's. My parents think its all in my head and sometimes i do agree but when i feel it anyones gunna think about it! I'm only 18 why am i feeling all of this! PLEASE HELLP ME I REALLY NEED SOMEONE!!!

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