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I have had the worst acid reflux. It all happened at night when i was lying down on my bed and my stomach was bloated. Then some kind of liquid went up all the way up to my throat and nose which I think was caused by stomache acid. I have it untreated for 3 months and my doctor diagnosed that I have acid reflux now or is it (GERD)? The doctor is telling me to take (omeprazole) 20 mg 2 tablets a day, which is a generic medication for Prilosec. I have taken it for 3 days and I have these tingling side effects which made me could not sleep at night and i stopped taking them. The acid has left burning and itchy sensation in my throat for months now and I was sure my esophagus might be damaged without knowing. I am scared of stomach ulcers and cancer someday if it is untreated early. Please tell me if this has happened to anyone and what PPIs or antacids work for you and cure you from GERD and acid reflux? Do you think what I have is GERD and not Acid reflux now since it has been months now and hasn't gone away? Thanks. I wished Prilosec has worked for me but it caused side effects, do you think Prevacid or other brands will help? I am willing to try if it helps reduce stomach acid from coming up into my esophagus as well as healing it. Was there OTC medicines you tried that helped cured it? How long did it take if so?

I should avoid spicy, vinegar, citrus, fried foods. I am going to start a diet for my GERD or acid reflux now so I can heal my burnt tissues. I was told not to drink carbonated, caffeinated, coffee, tea. I should also drink more water and eat more vegetables and less meat because meat causes more acid in stomach. I have to avoid orange, lemon, lime, garlic, onion, tomato too. I heard ginger is good for stomach so I bought some capsules to take. I was also told not to eat a heavy meal at night before going to bed. Tell me what foods to avoid and what foods to put into my diet that will help promote faster healing. What are some alkaline foods to help neutralize the acid in my stomach? What are other acidic foods i need to avoid too?

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