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Re: Remedies
Jan 12, 2011
[QUOTE=Seeking Sunrise;4659539]are you talking about heartburn, burning chest, etc. (GERD)

or are you talking specifically about purely throat related symptoms? Excess mucus/throat clearing, globus, pain swallowing, hoarseness, chronic cough (pick 3).

If it's not specifically related to the pure throat symptoms, it probably won't help the LPR people, because generally speaking, nothing ever helps them even though it stops GERD dead.

That is why if ask any LPR patient if they'd rather have GERD, 10 out of 10 would choose to have GERD. Maybe they should do an expensive study to prove that.[/QUOTE]

You are so right! I've said to myself many times how I wish it was GERD instead of LPR b/c GERD is easier to treat and heal. So, do you know why we continue to have throat problems if the acid is not reaching our throat if its being stopped by the meds? I started with the lump/globus, then started having a bunch of mucus, then the throat clearing, then difficulty swallowing (feeling like food was getting stuck). I've never been hoarse or had a chronic cough knock on wood. The lump for me is becoming less and less frequent. I think I only feel it if I am too full or if the food is coming back up and its just kind of sitting there in the throat. I dont think the it comes from irritation...

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