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Could it be LPR?
Jan 9, 2011

I have been having problems for over 1 year now. The problem in question is that i have enormous problems with swallowing :(. I have been surviving on porridge and the occasional sandwich for almost 6 months now. It just keeps getting worse. I have problems with swallowing most foods because of this feeling in my throat, like a lump is stuck there. But also because of phlegm. phlegm phlegm phlegm. I hate it so f**king much! it's so sticky that the second i chew something and swallow it, parts of it gets stuck in my throat. it's very disturbing.

My doctor first diagnosed me with asthma (cause whatever this is, it sometimes makes it a bit hard for me to breathe during nighttime). When i told him about my "silent burps" (or whatever i'm supposed to call them)
he had me do a barium swallow, on which he clearly saw acid reflux. I watched it and you can clearly see things coming up again. So he put me on PPI's. i took Lanzomeprazol (think that's what it's called) for 1 month. since that didn't help he decided that my problem wasn't reflux, but depression. I told him that i was a bit depressed (because of the not being able to eat, i would say that's a pretty valid reason to be depressed) but he says that it's because of my depression that i can't swallow.

Anyway, my question to you is, do you think i might have LPR? i have the sour taste in my mouth every morning (terrible breath), i have confirmed reflux. i'm hoarse 24/7, but that might be cause i'm a teenager and a guy. At least so he said. i also have this "lump" in my throat, and the sticky phlegm, which i think are all symptoms of LPR no?

I would just like someones opinion, im going crazy here :(.

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