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Your best bet right now is an endoscopy and colonscopy to rule the stomach, and an xray of the liver gall and pancreas areas. The doctors can't do much for you until you get the stomach looked at. More likely its something more simple and not as bad as the liver etc.. than you think (your bilirubin and potassium could of been elevated cause well you smoke and lack a little potassium in the diet, mine was elevated before with nothing wrong) what you have probably just has some very strange awful symptoms like gastriits, GERD etc..2 weeks is nothing for a PPI and sometimes not even a PPI will help Im going on 7 years and still not 100 percent relief. You mentioned you had have heartburn in the past, maybe now its just on a whole other level and uncontrolled. GERD and IBS and these types of stomach things are usual life long. You will have to quit smoking that's prob what caused it and 100 percent change your eating and workout habits. Lower your stress. Dont expect miracles this could take who knows how long to see results.

left area- that sounds like gastritis if its the left. It gets irritated by smoking and food, can cause the poos, dizzy nausea, and belching. Gastritis hurts with asprin its a big no no with gastritis. You can also have IBS and GERD and Gastritis at the same time. You can have gastritis and not have hpolyri, smoking can be the cause. Just my best guess I've had gastriits off and on for 7 years and thats how it started for me. Wish I could go back and make the changes before the dreaded gastritis. The clammy hands and feet just sound like your just under the weather with all this going on, the breathing is the smoking, and depression- possible just all this stuff going on giving you some down feelings and anxiety. I'm sorry that your in pain gastritis has changed my life, but it sounds like classic gastritis to me. I take my PPI eat a bland diet no drinking, smoking or asprin and hope for gastritis relief mine sorta flares when it wants. Wishing you the best!

* One other thought it could be a Hiatal Hernia with the sternum tenderness. But with the fact you burp after smoking...just reminds me of gastritis that irritation really can get it going!

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