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Let me start from the beginning and I would love advice/positive situations/anything. I am 24 year old male. technically obese (5'11 260) before this whole thing started (now i weigh 230lbs). My eating habits were a problem waiting to happen, double lunches, pizza, pasta, beef sandwiches, fast food, late eating, eating to fast, little to no excersize. You name it I was doing it wrong when it comes to eating. One weekend i went out boozin and woke up and feasted on more portillos (chicago hotdog stand) then any man should eat. After my lunch i layed down and enjoyed my food coma. Went to dinner that night and had a cup of soup, two bites in boom nausea hit me. This was a month ago.

I was riding in my buddys car and he had to pull over because i thought i was going to puke, it didn't happen i made it home, just figured i would be fine after i just relaxed. The next day i went to work ate my normal chicken fingers, soup and salad. Half way through my meal i was in so much pain, same as the day before. Thought it was no biggie usaully i can tolerate pain. Woke up had a bagel sandwhich and it made me sick again.... houston we have a problem. I didn't want to mess around, so i went to my doctor, he called it Gastritis and gave me prevacid for two weeks, that didn't help much, i missed christmas with my family, new years, work, didnt leave my house ever. After the first week of pain i went back to the doctor for a follow up, he felt my stomach noticed the tenderness was gone and told me personally he thought i was getting better (not the case).

After another week i went to a Gastro Specialist, he did some clinical test and gave me Reglan for the Nausea. The first five days i was on it i felt great, i thought i was gonna be fine, went back to my bad eating habits and felt like a million bucks, so i stopped taking it. The first day off i worked out and had a Healthy breakfast, i felt great and finally was going to get something i loved a Club Sandwich Turkey Bacon Lettuce and some french fries. This was the worst idea of my life, since then was a week ago today and i have CHRONIC nausea. cant eat, cant sleep, cant work, cant do a thing. I have no appetite and i feel nausua without eating, then when i finnally eat i feel way worse for a couple hours. i.e i eat a couple bites of applesauce and i am in pain for a few hours to follow.

I had my EGD this past friday, the doctor said i have an inflammed esophigus and had some bile in my stomach. The doctor said its not severe and is treatable, but really gave me no information at all. I am still in so much pain and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Is this a proper diagnoses? Would an inflammed esophigus cause this much pain? Is it my Gallbladder? Is this bile reflux? When will this stop, what can i do? I have no heartburn and i am not vomiting, but all day long i am nausueous. Please help my doctor is really kinda just making it seem like its no biggie, but the fact is i am sick without eating so how could this be GERD? Anyone have a similar situation.

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