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Blood in saliva
Jan 29, 2011
I got a doc appointment Mon., but wanted to see if anyone on here had this experience or any thoughts.

Background info: 27/m, had an upper gi x-rays w/ barium and upper gi endoscopy prob. about 16-18 months ago, everything was fine. Had colonoscopy about 12 months ago, everything was fine.

Went out for very heavy/rich italian dinner last night, woke up at 4am with sour taste/burning in back of throat, so harsh it took my breath away. Got up took a few sips of water, went to bacthroom to get tums, spit in sink and it was solid bloody saliva (like when you cut your gums flossing). Three spits then it was pretty much gone. Stomach was VERY upset w/ integestion.

No cough, no temp, no chest congestion, non smoker. This is the 7th day of a bad cold with nasal congestion, blew nose after spitting up the blood and the was slight blood (very slight) in nose mucus.

Finally, earlier in the night before going out to eat, brushed and flossed. Hadnt flossed in a bit and there was significant blood from doing so. So much that it was dripping out of mouth and took several mintues of rinsing to clear up.


So my 1st thought when I woke up with this solid blood in saliva was cancer! but then I kinda came to my senses. If I had the above mentioned tests in the past 12-16 months they would have atleast shown the early stages of stomach cancer? plus I am only 27... so it would be rare anyway.

Next, there is the issue of slight blood in tissue, maybe saliva blood could have been due to slight nose bleeding while sleeping?

and finally the significant amount of blood from flossing prior to going out to eat. This occured at 6p.m. 1/28, woke up with the blood in saliva @ 4 a.m. 1/29, so i dont know if gums could still be releasing any blood from flossing 10 hours prior... maybe, but just not sure.

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