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Hi guys,

I know it's long but please reply I'm so afraid and could really use other peoples thoughts!

I'm posting this as I'm so terrified that I could have stomach cancer. I've had my symptoms for about 2 years but I didn't really every take much notice of them until the last 6 months or so when they got worse. Now, they are at there peak! I'm in constant pain and can't do anything.
Orignially, I was worried that the pain in my chest was heart related. I quickly got that confirmed from the doctor that there was nothing wrong with my heart and she said it is either acid reflux or anxiety. She gave me a stool test to test for acid reflux but because I was so relieved it wasn't heart related and I didn't really want to scoop up my poo I just kind of left it. Stupid me!
The symptoms began to decrease anyway but recently they have flared up and are at there worst. For the past week or so I'm in constant pain - integestion and acid heartburn. The pain is so horrible people look at me and say ' but how can integestion be that bad?,' No painkillers even touch it and rennies only dulls it for an hour or so. I'm tired all the time. Bloated after every meal (granted, I do over eat) I have a sore throat and a hoarse voice in the morning. I often have difficulty swallowing properly. I feel sick often. I suffer from a sore tummy at least once a day. I haven't actually been sick though and there is no blood in my stools. The more I researched the more I realised I had all of the symptoms of stomach cancer and I was so scared that I actually had a panic attack. I am aware that acid reflux and SC have very similar symptoms though.

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow but I'm just so scared that I can't sleep. Can anyone help? Share their stories? What do you think? By the way, I'm 24. I've had blood tests done but they were to pick up things with my heart and not anything to do with cancer, if I did have it, would they have spotted something wrong in my bloods even if they weren't testing for that in paticular?

Also, if after having the symptoms for 2 years and it WAS cancer, would I be much more ill than I am now? Would I be actually vomiting and seeing blood in it? Or could I even of survived this long with no treatment.

Sorry for the long post and thank you for taking the time out to read. Please help!
Erica- I also thought I must have cancer when I was at my worst - but I'm still alive and doing much better actually. I thank you for responding to my post - I'm the one that thinks yogurt is my trigger food, or "strong" dairy.

Also, I have to say that if you worry about things like me anxiety may really be making your reflux worse. I have anxiety and if I take a Xanax my pain usually subsides for a while. The two go hand in hand, especially if you have a sensitive digestive system like I do. Start worrying and the pain gets worse - which is why maybe it started hurting at the doc's office today?

When my reflux gets bad I drink aloe vera juice in the moring and at night and take DGL chewable tablets before meals which helps a lot. And once we figure out the trigger we will feel even better! Good luck to you. Keep us posted on your results from the doc.

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