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Is this LPR ?
Jan 31, 2011
Hi all,

I am new here, and am hoping maybe someone can lend some advice (not a diagnosis, obviously).

I'll give some history: I was DX with IBS/acid reflux in August. I changed my diet and started taking some probiotics and homeopathic remedies, and felt much better. I had a sinus infection the beginning of Dec., took a z-pak. The very next day, woke up with a very bad sore throat that lasted for about two weeks. I had very bad post nasal drip as well and was coughing up some yellow gook. I finally started to feel better, then I think I got some kind of flu with extreme sore throat again with pain radiating to the ears, body aches & pains, and lots of coughing. I did see a doctor 3 times during this time, I did not have strep or mono, they gave me another z-pak. I did not have any swollen glands or fever. It seems like each time I took the z-pak, I would get a sore throat.

Finally, I start to feel better and I go and get half a cracker stuck in my throat and embark on this gagging, coughing, choking fit that lasted for a good 5 minutes. It was awful and scary, lots of retching and I finally barfed it up. I pulled a muscle in my neck during this choking fit, and experienced eye flashers for about a week. From the day of choking, for about 2-3 weeks, I was very hoarse, very weak voice, and coughing a lot - but not coughing anything up. No sore throat, tho, just a slight burning feeling sometimes. I was having trouble talking, as every time I started to talk, I would cough and my voice would crack, and my throat/neck felt very strained. I also had like a fullness feeling in my throat and ears.

Also during this time I noticed when I layed down to go to sleep, my throat would bug me, like I had to clear it. I was actually making this noise in my sleep and waking myself up. It only happens when laying flat on my back.

For a few weeks my tongue also felt like a slight burn, and was an orange-ish color, even after brushing it.

At the end of last week, all of these symptoms seemed to be subsiding. My voice sounds about 95% normal, coughing is pretty much gone, but still happening occasionally and it seems the more I talk, the worse it gets. However, over the weekend I had a small argument with my hubby, screamed a bit, cried a bit, and my throat started to feel very strained again, and when I looked at my throat with a small flashlight, I see a small red area on my right tonsil, about the size of half of a pencil eraser. It does not hurt. It seems flat. It looks like a spot of blood. I lightly touched it with a warm damp q-tip, it did not rub off or bleed.

Also, If I push on the right side of my throat/neck while looking up, it hurts a little (my neck - outside of throat area, under the chin and to the right). Yes I am going crazy poking and prodding at things. It feels kinda like where the gland is, but I don't feel anything swollen.

I have always had large tonsils, but have never had any infections or problems with them. At first I thought this was a throat/tonsil issue, but now I'm wondering if its GERD/LPR causing all of this?

This red spot has me very scared. I am seeing an ENT at the end of the week, but I am very scared and can't sleep. Coincidentally, my left tonsil also has a whitish spot on it that has been there for a long time (its not a tonsil stone, it doesn't rub off). I am sure my doctors have seen it but no one has ever said anything about it. Have no idea if this is related to anything.

I do sometimes go all day without eating much, and then get the acid pains in my stomach, under my rib cage, and it seems to make my throat worse (lump in throat feeling, ears hurt).

Does anyone else have symptoms like this? I have panic disorder on top of all this and I am making myself mental. :dizzy:

What can I expect at the ENT visit? Is he going to jam things up my nose and down my throat? Very nervous about that. :eek:

Thank you so much in advance for any help on what any of this could mean.

~ Carrie

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