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My stomach has been bothering me since around Jan 12. My doctor told me I probably have gastritis and put me on Zantac 150 twice a day for the next three weeks. She didn't push me to change my diet, just told me to try the medicine and if it's still not getting better I can look into getting an endoscopy.

Here are my symptoms:

-stomach gets noticeably more unsettled when lying down
-mostly a feeling of constant "butterflies" or a heavy, unsettled stomach - sometimes slight pain
-burping very often
-taste of food in my mouth that I ate hours ago, even the next morning
-lots of saliva, have to swallow a lot when I'm trying to sleep, minor lump feeling in throat

Since starting on the Zantac (it's only been 3-4 days) I've noticed that my stomach just feels way worse. I feel heavy and icky, very tired, BUT I feel a lot better when lying down. In general, however, when I'm up and about I just feel bad. The moment I sit up in the morning I get a weird feeling in my stomach. I'm still burping a lot. I've noticed that all food seems to be affecting me more, and I didn't really notice a correlation between what I ate and how I felt before the Zantac.

I've had Eustachian Tube Dysfunction for about 10 months now. I am starting to wonder if I have TMJ as well which might explain these stomach symptoms I'm having now, since apparently it is linked with both LPR and ETD.

Also my chest has felt consistently heavy, sometimes a jabbing pain, on the left side since about December. This might be due to a blow I received and the fact that I've been blowing my nose constantly (valsalva maneuver) to relieve my ETD. My doctor says it's probably costochondritis - not a GERD symptom. I've also started having panic attacks since December (never had them before) but I think I've got it under control by breathing through them.

Finally, my family has a major history of diffuse gastric cancer (from age 27), which is why I'm planning on definitely getting an endoscopy in March when my university is on break. I've never had stomach problems like this (although I did have my secum removed due to blockage when I was 7 years old).

I haven't had any heartburn. I am confused. What's wrong with me? Am I treating it correctly by taking the Zantac? Are the side effects normal? I know GERD, LPR, etc can occur concurrently, but what are all my symptoms indicative of?

I want to work on adjusting my diet but it's so hard with a college lifestyle!! And lately I've been absolutely CRAVING Mexican, Indian, etc filling foods... :dizzy:

Sorry for all the questions. I really appreciate any input.

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