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Hi guys ! I am surprised to see how many of yu have common symtoms. I also have jaw clicking from the right side and sometimes it hurts. So it's probably TMJ but I never saw a doctor for that. I know my dentists told that I probably grind my teeth at night.

Whatconcerns LPR. I wanted to do a tonsilelctomy but my tonsils are small and never saw white stones on them. Although doctors say it's probably chronic tonsillitis, because after I catch a flue it gets worse and I have a sore throat for awhile and feel very tired.

But I have been having a very strange tatse in my mouth, toung with white coating and also feeling of lumpo frm the left side of the upperthroat. My ENT didn't notice nay reflux but he said if you want, you can go ahead to a GI doc and check it. Well I went today, the doctor said without tests he can't say if I have reflux or not. He said endoscopy and Bravo should be done. Without Bravo he can't really see how much reflux I have. But after reading your posts I see that Bravo doesn't give as much info as my doc said. I'll try to maintain some diet and see how my symtoms go. But I don't understand how TMJ can be related to throat sensations and taste+ fatigue. Maybe it is tonillitis, but hidden. My friend also had small tonsills but once she did the surgery, she said that they discovered lots of infection under the skin of her tonsils.

I was surpised that endo + Bravo all together cost around $5000, thats why I am thinking I am not going to do it now.

Hope we'll find solution to our problems!

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