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Sounds like gastritis it's a bit like an ulcer except it means the lining is inflammed, I have had it for three years I got it from taking an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection yes from one dose of antibiotics(even while taking probiotics) it must of been to harsh for my sensitive stomach, I've yet to cure it but I can sorta control it by taking a PPI (Nexium), drinking aloe vera juice, taking slippery elm herb, probiotics, and chamomile herb, and well eating the right foods. Spices and Seasons will make it hurt more, so will milk it increases acid, so will a lot of meat it's hard to digest, tomatos, oranges, sodas, teas and coffees, no fruit juices (to much citric acid) I drink really only water, and anything else overly spicy gassy or acidic. Honestly I eat pretty bland. Medication usage, smoking and drinking will also bother it.

It burns its sharp its tender its spasms its gassy its belching its nausea it's low appetite its everything acid... its rough but it will take a long time to heal your stomach if you ever heal it, taking your PPI (Nexium) will cut the acid pumps off and give the stomach time to heal I'm going on 3 years maybe you will be sooner to heal maybe later. Gastritis is 50/50 some heal some never do and some have flare ups were they heal then it come back it heals and comes back in that fashion. Some even get gastriits and GERD.

You can take 2 prilosec a day one morning one evening and it will equal the same as nexium. Don't expect the burning and pains to go quickly just cause your on a acid med, again it takes a longgggg time for the stomach to heal. It's got to be one of the slowest in the body! I feel for anyone with this illness, there is not a lot the docs going to be able to do for this but give you a PPI, and the ER will be pointless they can only give you a cocktail , so really it's on you to take the PPI and eat right and learn to let it heal over a long time. Wish it were easier!

Wishing you well wishes with it!

I would get an endoscopy to rule gastriits or ulcer or what. But sounds like gastritis, cause ulcer causes a lot of hunger pangs.

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