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Greetings! I am new to this forum and I saw all the useful information of different people and their problems, so I decided to join the forum and I would like to share my problem hoping that forumers can help shed light as to what I my condition is.
I have neuritis on my face, first encountered 2001 when I was in front of the fan for hours while studying, suddenly I felt a tingling sensation on my lower left chest and spread to my face in minutes, with panic and hyperventilation, i was brought to the ER, my facial muscles tightened to the point like I was frowning, my fingers stiffened all pointing medially, and my chest wall became rigid as well. I don't know if the tightness was from my hyperventilation and panic or from an NCA (Neuro circulatory asthenia). ECG test was normal, tendon reflexes were normal as well, I was 22 years old at that time and was diagnosed at the ER with non-specific neuritis. I was calmed and the facial and chest muscle tightness was gone in 30 mins, and was given B-complex as medication which relieved the tingling. Ever since I had just minor tingling facial episodes lasting for minutes to maximum of an hour, relieved by B-complex and most of the time resolves by itself. So in short, I have learned to live with it, and the most obvious triggering factor was cold wind blowing to my face or a constant exposure in front of a fan.
Now January of 2011 I still have facial tinglings and twitchings relieved by B-complex intake, but now is accompanied by tingling of my left anterior neck, giving a sensation of a fullness on the left side of my throat. I have no difficulty of swallowing liquids and solids, and no problems with my breathing and airway. My left side of my face is tingling along with left anterior side of my neck area, they tingle simultaneously, but with no facial pain or swelling. Though I have no TMJ dysfunction, I have a molar tooth that fell off years ago on my left maxillary side, and needs to be attended by a dentist because parts of it are still left.
My question is: 1. What can be the cause of my facial tingling? The only stimulus triggering it so far is prolonged exposure to cold air. I also read that swabbing of isopropyl alcohol causes neuritis, and I have been practicing that for years, applying isoporpyl alcohol to my nape,neck and back of my ears because it refreshes me. Twitching also sometimes happen but majority are tingling sensations especially on the left side of my face. I have no drooping,No pain at all, or salivation on the left side of my mouth to rule out bell's palsy. I have no formal consult done for it resolves on it's own in minutes and responds to B-complex capsules at 500mg twice a day.
2. the neck fullness that just came along with my left anterior neck tingling sensation. I just felt it a week ago, whenever my left face along with my left anterior neck tingles, a certain fullness developes, it's like there is a mass in the areas of my left thyroid gland "pressing" over my throat. But I have no difficulty in eating or drinking liquids, swallowing. I breathe perfectly fine. The sensation disappears fully when my neck tingling stops, but it has been persistent now for 2 days and it is annoying me already. No pain, just the left neck side sensation of something pressing my throat, situated behind
my left thyroid gland. I have taken a capsule of B-complex 500mgs capsule that relieved my last night, but since I awoke this morning the neck sensation came back.
3. My question is could be the fullness I am feeling could be attributed to my lost molar? Creating TMJ misalignment resulting in neck muscle tension that could be the reason for the sensation of fullness on my left anterior neck on my left thyroid gland? I have no TMJ swelling though nor facial pain and swelling. Could it be due to stress? I am currently reviewing now for my med board exams and it's so stressful and it's giving anxiety attacks. Please advice me on who to consult first, a ent-TMJ specialist or a neurologist? I know this article is too long but I would be wholeheartedly be glad if you could shed light on what I am experiencing.
Thank you very much, hoping for your quick responses. God bless you all.

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