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Jan 8, 2011
I went off the PPI I was on in Aug and I found my journey has been quite similar to yours. My main side effect and a very annoying one at that, after coming off the PPI was Nausea, something I hadn't experienced before. I was determined to stay off PPI's however so hung in with it, using AC vinegar with my main meal, ginger tea and Gaviscon at bedtime, as well as sleeping with two pillows and elevating the bed. Oh, and drinking lots of water of course and avoiding my trigger foods. I laughed at your posts about the scones because I love those too, and occasionally still indulge but I agree with you that going off the wagon and getting symptoms is somewhat of an incentive to "be good." I don't do fried foods, I don't eat citrus or tomatoes, I eat lots of fresh vegetables and lean meat but I am still hanging on to my one coffee a day. I am considering easing off of that however, since I know it is not good for me. It's probably the one thing I will miss the most, lol I adore coffee...never lied tea but omg my coffee!

A few days ago I felt like I was fighting a flu or something (diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea on the first day, then swollen lymph glands and a sore throat on the second day, then GERD symptoms since then.) So here I am again, going through these pains that I thought I had gotten away from. I have been eating bland foods (toast, mashed potatoes) and being extra cautious about everything but I feel rotten that I can't fully shake whatever this is. Sometimes I get pain after eating, but I also get some pain if I don't eat. Arggh, it's so frustrating! I feel guilty complaining because after reading some of the other posters symptoms I feel I don't suffer as much, but it's still irritating and worrying, you know? Well, I think I am just rambling so I will just say that I just wanted to let you know that your thread helped me very much. Many thanks to you for the good work you put in here!

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