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Burn baby burn~
Mar 1, 2011
Hi , I have a few questions .

I have suffered from GERD for many years . I have been on and off prevacid and protoinix .

I have had the worse cause of burning in my esophagus and throat for about 5 weeks now .

This exact same time last year , I had a endoscopy done and they found nothing wrong . But I did NOT have the burning and constant burping then .Just heartburn .
I do not care what I eat , if I eat or I do not eat . I burp . My chest and throat is sore from burping and burning.
I went to dr last week and he seen nothing wrong with my throat . I was sure I had /have some kind of inflammation .

I just feel like I need to do the scope again . Is there any new drugs out there that help with GERD ? I have never been on nexium .
I am so ready to pull my heart out . I weight 135 . So I do not believe it is weight related . GARLIC kills me !

I do not have a cough . Some sinus drainage/post nasal drip but no infection .
ANYONE have any ideas . thanks :confused:

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