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Hi RightAnswerPlz, from the first half of your post I was thinking cardiac infarction, but seeing how the doctor's investigations are discounting that it seems extremely unlikely. Since you are getting the pains into both arms now, an itchy throat and stomach disturbances I am wondering if your vagus nerves are in some way implicated. The vagus nerve (pair) is a cranial nerve that emerges from your brain, then travels down your neck to innervate your digestive tract, and sends a recurrent branch back up to your vocal chords after looping first under a major artery in your upper chest. Also the phrenic nerves emerge from nerve roots 3,4 and 5 of your cervical spine. The phrenic nerve innervates the diaphragm muscle that is significant to normal breathing and attaches to the bottom of your rib cage at the front and the interior aspect of your thoracic cavity at the back. Now what may be key to this is that function of both these sets of nerves may be affected by something going on in your neck (which may be something as innocent as tight neck muscle .. from anxiety or a past accident) or something far more sinister like a space occupying lesion. I don't think an x-ray would show a space occupying lesion unless it was eroding bone. The other thing to consider is that if you are overweight, the pull exerted by your internal organs under gravity may also by tractioning these nerves and affecting the biomechanics of your thoracic cage. My suggestion, as you are in Florida is to locate and book in for a consultation with a doctor of osteopathic medicine, under the belief that that kind of doctor will see these kinds connections and examine for them.

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