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Newbie here :wave:

I am looking for a place to share and talk about my new Dx I've received back in Oct. 2010. Back in Oct. I was having alot of upper abdominal pains, I saw a GI doctor who did an upper endoscopy, biopsies and recommended I get a HIDA scan since the CT scan was normal. The hida scan was borderline, but the surgeon felt my gallbladder needed to come out. I did that in Nov. and the nausea has got somewhat better, however I have developed new stuff so not sure if it was good idea or not.

The upper endoscopy biopsy showed Barretts Esophagus which surprised us both as I don't have GERD or acid problems. He said that it was pretty bad and wanted me to start on medication. I began on Prilosec (only b/c it was generic and cheap) and have been on that since Oct. now.

Last week I began having chest pains, under the left breast bone. It would go from mild to severe and went to the ER, CT and heart tests normal. I scheduled an appt with the GI, in the meantime it got worse and I ended up dehydrated. Thursday he did another upper endoscopy thinking ulcer. The biopsy came back today, he said the scope showed the Barretts had spread further up and so he doesn't think the Prilosec was doing enough and added Aciphex. The scope also showed a hiatus hernia that wasn't there before and the biopsy showed esophagitis moderate - severe. He is giving me something called Kara-Fate or something, I didn't pick it up so I haven't seen the name or what it will do. He said my esophagus needs to heal.

He feels I will need another upper endo. in about 6 months and prob. do them every 6 mth to year for the rest of my life.

Well since Thursday my chest pains have still continued on and off. At times they are severe and honestly if I still had pain meds I would take them. I am still nauseous on and off and had severe diarrhea up until Sunday.

Today my stool was very very black and I called stating I was worried it was old blood making it look that color. My dr. is out of the office until Friday so I will see him next week.

I am just at a loss here, I'm unsure what to do and just shocked I'm having all these problems. I've tried to research on the web and brochures but I had reading anything on line b/c you hear stuff that's not really true both good and bad and hoping to hear from others with similar situations.

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