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I'm 25 years old, and have been experiencing a lot of symptoms that I think may point to LPR...some annoying, some frightening. Below is some history and symptoms. I apologize in advance for the length; I've made bold some keywords and symptoms to make it easier to read, in case you don't want to read every last bit.


I've always had issues with [B]soft tooth enamel[/B]. MOST of my baby teeth were pulled due to decay (beginning at age 2), and when my permanent teeth came in, not much changed. Despite maintaining good oral hygiene, I've had several [B]cavities[/B] as an adult, and have now had three root canals.

Growing up, I had problems with chronic sore throats and swollen tonsils. As an adult, I've been told that I have '[B]cryptic tonsils[/B]' tonsils will often have little "pits" in them, white patches, etc.

When I was fifteen, I began to experience horrible [B]chest pain[/B] after drinking coffee (which I'd been drinking for a few years). I would describe it like "giving birth through one's chest." This pain eventually extended to other [B]caffeinated beverages[/B], including soda, tea, and eventually, even CHOCOLATE! I stopped drinking coffee altogether and cut down on soda for many years, but eventually tried having coffee again (around age 20). All seemed well, but now, at age 25, I am completely unable to drink coffee, or feel the wrath of stomach/chest pains...and once, a horrible panic attack! A couple of months ago, I went to Patient First because I was experiencing horrific abdominal pains that would steadily grow in intensity and then remain for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. They did lots of scans, and the doctor told me I might have acid reflux. I thought this was strange, because I've never had heart burn, and was complaining of abdominal pain, not chest pain. Eventually, through process of elimination, I discovered that the 'Be-Energized' supplement that I'd been taking from GNC was the culprit.

For many years, I was waking up with [B]stomach aches[/B], with no explanation. If I wake up fairly early (prior to 8am), I will have horrible pains, that feel a bit like hunger, but also a sensation like something is coiling around my esophagus. I've also experienced this strange coiling sensation in my chest (picture your lungs trying to expand while they have a metal coil wrapped around them).

In the last year or two, I've developed what seems like a big ball of [B]mucus in the back/bottom of my throat[/B]. I am constantly [B]clearing my throat and will at times sound hoarse[/B] (I used to make overhead announcements at my place of employment with great ease, but now I feel like I have to drink water and clear my throat several times, and still find myself getting caught on some words, like my throat is 'sticking').

In the last month or so, I've started [B]dry coughing[/B]. It doesn't happen every day, or all day, but will happen several times a week.

Also, about one month ago, I was at my day job and suddenly felt a [B]burning sensation in my throat[/B]. It started out kind of dull, but grew until I felt like my throat was literally on fire. It stayed that way for THREE HOURS, until my boyfriend was able to bring me some tums. I took three Tums, and the pain subsided. While I get sore throats very often, this is the first time my throat has ever *burned* like this.

Now, for the scary parts. I've thought for a while now that I was having panic attacks. I'll be sitting or standing around and I'll suddenly [B]feel like I can't breathe for a split second[/B]. It causes me to take a deep breath (which I have no problem doing), and usually afterward I'll feel a heavy sensation around my chest. This happens a lot at night (I'm a night owl), and will sometimes accompany tingling or very dull pain in my upper right chest and shoulder.

Anyway, sorry for the diatribe, but from what I've described, does it sound like I might have LPR? I came across the symptoms while working this evening (I work online rating webpages and search results), and something clicked. I'm planning on trying to make a doctor's appointment sometime this week or next, but I'd like to be armed with as much information as possible.

Thank you!

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