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Hi everyone,

I have an appointment with my doctor later today for symptoms that have been bugging me for almost a week.

Here are my main symptoms:
- Back pain (sometimes on the left, sometimes right)
- Chest pain (mostly in the center/left but sometimes on the right)
- An almost constantly rumbling stomach (even after meals)
- Burping (it amazes me how much air I seem to have inside)

I also have arm pain (both arms) and jaw pain (both left and right).

I do wonder if these are symptoms of heart trouble (I'm 29 this year with a family history of heart disease)...but yesterday I had such a horrible burning sensation in the center of my chest (hearburn) and loud noises from my stomach (that never seems to cease) that I'm beginning to think it's acid reflux. I've also been burping all day, everyday.

I know my doctor will be able to advise more, but does this sound like GERD symptoms to you guys?

Hope to get some answers, and thanks in advance.

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