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i've had a problem for about four months, my throat is making these very loud, guttural noises. they were very prolonged and sounded like long drawn out croaks. these "noises" occurred every day on a constant basis for a few months.

my throat won't stop making noises. at their worst they are the very loud gurgling croaks. (just think of the little demon in "the grudge" and you have an idea, haha.) apart from this, i feel air bubbles or burps constantly shooting up from my stomach and chest and then cresting in the back of my throat. i often hear this crinkling or squishing sound in my throat from the burps/air bubbles and am very uncomfortable at times. bending over seems to provoke the sounds. i feel a bit of pressure in my chest- i keep getting the urge to strain my upper body to expel air out and burp, but they don't really sound like normal burps. the noises are at times so loud that every day i dread going anywhere to eat out or after i've eaten or had coffee, which seems to make it worse, it can be quite embarrassing.
also when i drink liquid and swallow it my swallowing is very loud
i need help, someone please tell me what the problem is as its been happening for a few months now and i want to get rid of it.
also when this i will get one or two hiccups.
and every now and then when the burping happens i will get some regurgitation in my throat and sometimes in my mouth only a small amount
is this a reflux or digestion problem???
thank you

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