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I have had acid reflux for 3 yrs.I have been on zantac.In the last year it has gotten the bad symptoms, maybe once every so many months.Arm pain,chest pain,foam coming up after eating.This january really started getting bad.I had a spell like this.And for the last two weeks its been horrible.I told dr its like i'm having a heartattack.I have been having something as little as mashpotatoes come up in a napkin.As soon as I eat it i burp it back up.Horrible pain in stomach,pain in left arm and left side of my body like above my heart on left and I dont know what that is,under left breast,right in center i think its sternum sorry cant spell,in bellybotton and up ,across back in middle of back ,right arm right side of chest.I thank GOD everytime i burp.Burning in back and arms and chest and in the past week i've only ate mash potatoes,corn,soup and now thats even causing awful chest like pain as soon as i eat,Burning in my chest.Went to dr couple days ago she listened to my heart and stomach and said its not your heart and your not having a heart attack.I said this is not normal and i'm scared to eat because of the pain so she put me on prilosec 20 mg and zantac.Now she has put me on 40 mg of prilosec.In the last week i have lost a lb a day but probably cause i'm to scared to eat.She finally referred me to a gastrologist an hr away on april 22 and so i'm scared and hurting awful.I have something that looked like a small knot in my stomach and she said your overweight and said she felt itand said its fine.Has anyone ever went through this?The pain will take my breath away and I'm scared she has waited so long that I have damage or maybe cancer.This is not normal .I went over in tub to rinse my hair and got a sharp pain on left side of breast and when i lay down especially on stomach I get pains in chest and breathlessness.I also made an appt with a cardiologist monday. I have had diereha for 2 weeks this was first day it was normal.I'm crying right now thinking what will i do if something is really wrong because I have a beautiful son.I dont even know what to attempt to eat and mom says baby food but i'm not ready for that.The pain in my chest gets so bad as a stabbing pain.Thank you for your help Anne:(

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