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Hi I'm 24 years old and I'm really worried. Here's my story.
All started a Sunday morning when, while I was laying on my bed, I had a sudden stomach pain. I thought that it was because I didn't sleep well, so I went back to sleep.
After 4-5 hours, I woke up and I was feeling a slight pain on the left end on the left chest, under my left nipple. I was also feeling dizzy and had cold legs sometimes during the day and a rapid heartbeat.
On the second day, I didn't feel so dizzy, but still had the left point of pain on my chest, and the rapid heartbeats.
I went to the ER that night at 3am and they did a EKG, which showed 112 heart beat. The doctor told me that my heart was simply tired from the fast beat and i had to rest.
After 3 days (in those days I still had the slight pain in my left chest), I had a burning sensation behind my breastbone, at the middle of my chest, went to the doctor and he gave my some pills for the acids in my stomach (omeprazole), which I had to take every morning, half an hour before I eat.
The thing is that, after 1 month now, I still have a slight pain (sometimes) on my left chest, and I even get a sudden tire and dizzy feeling.
The pain usually worses during the day and most of the morning I'm fine.
I have general blood tests and a Barium swallow x-ray coming up.
Anyone had same symptoms? The thing that worries me is if I only have Gerd, why do I get the left side chest pain (sometimes they cover the whole left lung area) and dizziness (not every time). Shouldn't the pills I take take care of that?. I watch my diet, I try to exercise but still no difference, since last month :(
I'm afraid of driving because of the dizziness I might get :/
Thanks a lot for your time.

P.S I should also add that sometimes the chest pain is related to my left arm movement. Specific movements trigger that pain, like a bruising.

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