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[QUOTE=MimiMimosa;4997069]I, too, have just been diagnosed with LPR/silent reflux. I am now taking Protonix twice daily; it's been 3 weeks.

You mention hearing distortion and I'd like to hear more from Silent Reflux'ers on this if possible...

The reason I went to the ENT was because of rare ear pain but constant, annoying hearing distortion in one ear (people sound 'digitized' or like robots; music is horribly annoying to listen to now; low tones in places like coffee shops or cafeterias are nearly painful (although it isn't like...classic pain). I have been assured that this distortion and rare pain is due to silent reflux and that it can take months to resolve.

Anyone else have this experience? If so, how long has it taken to resolve (has it)?[/QUOTE]

That is EXACTLY how I would describe the hearing distortion I experienced. I think it went away in a couple weeks, try not to worry about it. Mucinex D helps whenever I start having post nasal drip, and 100% of the time it is brought on by sugary snack (which I completely stop whenever I start feeling pressure in my ear).

It's been over a year now and I am not convinced that I have acid reflux. My symptoms are occasional heart burn, upper abdomen pressure/pain/throbbing, and lump in throat. The reason I don't think it's reflux is because PPIs make the symptoms worse. When I take them I get completely bloated and all the symptoms are worse. Also, reflux diet makes things worse: Pasta, Beans, Apples, all cause painful bloating.

I've been on that diet for a year suffering. My new GI told me to start taking a fiber suppliment every day (not too much though), and I tried Sulcarafate again for one week. I felt quite a bit better since doing this! I eat whatever I want, and drink beer etc... I am not completely better, and I still don't know what is wrong with me, but I know that PPIs and any attempt to reduce acid only made things worse. It also helps me a lot not to drink water while eating, seems like I need the acid in my stomach or I just won't digest the food.

Give this a try if PPIs don't help at all. Does anyone have thoughts on what my condition could be if not acid reflux?

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