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So about 16 yrs ago, when I was in college I developed this burning sensation in by chest. Location is really high in the chest. If you put your finger on your collar bone and follow it down to center of chest, it ends up being at the very top of sternum. At the time I was drinking a fair bit of alcohol and under some stress. Went to the ER thinking it was my heart. They gave me a GI cocktail and put me on propulsid. Within a couple weeks the pain was gone.

Flash forward to nearly three months ago. I started getting the same pain, but it was more subtle at first with some feeling that there was something stuck in my throat. I just recently had an EGD and the doc says I have mild esophagitis and gastritis. What's interesting is that I figured he would have seen some ulcer or inflammation and looking at the pics he gave me, my esophageal lining looks nice and pink and smooth as glass. He told me to take prilosec and he'll follow up with me in July. Well, I've been taking the prilosec and it doesn't seem to be working.

When I 1st wake up in the morning I feel fine, but shortly after eating breakfast the pain starts back up. Dull to sometimes burning-like that can actually be revealed by either burping, chewing gum or sucking on carmel candy. Throughout the day, the pain will subside and sometimes feel like it's finally gone, but eventually comes back. Biopsies for food allergy were negative.

My Mom has had GI problems nearly all her life so I can thank her for inheriting some of the problems.;) I'm just wondering if it'll ever go away. I've cut out all caffeine (coffee, tea), no chocolate, which I was eating a lot of in combo with tea, usually couple hours before bed. I'm sure that didn't help. I cut way back on alcohol and have only had maybe 5 drinks in the last 3 months. My wife and I like to have a couple glasses of wine couple times a week and I can't even do that. I don't understand why it won't get better when I've removed many of the culprits.

To make matters worse, I'm pretty sure the esophagitis is responsible for my PVC's. I'm an active guy (6'1", 160lb) that cycles, runs and goes to the gym, but I've been having more frequent PVC's that started around the same time as the burning pain. The PVC's increase anxiety and unfortunately cycles the process. If I could just get rid of the darn upper chest pain, I know everything would be fine. To top it off, sometimes if I talk a lot, I feel more discomfort, as if the vocal cords are irritating the esophagus.

Just to reiterate, the pain is very high, only about 2" below the soft spot at base of neck. No issues directly behind the sternum or lower down. Thoughts?
[QUOTE=mind mist;4768313]Interesting that you mention how sitting causes symptoms. I don't know what it is about sitting but it usually makes me feel worse no matter what medical condition I have. If I have bad sinusitis, sitting makes me dizzy. If I have acid reflux, sitting makes me nauseous. If I have chest/rib pain, sitting is painful. I agree, that walking around or laying down usually makes the symptoms lessen or go away. I do have a terrible tendency to slouch...and also carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. I bet if I could correct those 2 things sitting might not be as problematic. But it's very hard to break some habits.

You may be right though that sitting is putting extra pressure on your stomach. [B]Do you carry excess weight in the middle?[/B] Wear tight pants? Working at a computer and driving a car are both instances where your shoulders can roll forward. Perhaps that added motion hurts your chest area where the esophagus is?[/QUOTE]

No. I only weigh 160lbs at 6'2". I do slouch in my chair at work though. Seems like I have a bad computer/desk setup. I workout a fair bit at the gym to strengthen lower back, but doesn't seem to help.

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