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Hey everyone, I am new here, I came across this site after searching desperately for information.

I am a (usually) healthy 23yo male, with no history of heart problems, but for the last year I have been feeling really bad and it is driving me crazy to not be able to live my life as I used to. In the beginning I had a few panic attack where I ended up in hospital thinking I had a heart attack, but after doing EKGs the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me. For some time after that everything was ok, but then it started again, and then my symptoms were all over the place, palpitations, chest pain, pains in my left hand, arm, armpit, left side of my neck and head. For a time I felt dizzy, couldn't breathe normally and had a feeling I would pass out but never did. Also, I felt out of place and as if my surroundings were not real, like in a movie. I did an x ray of my chest, and back, and also ultrasound of my chest and abdomen, blood tests and I went to a cardiologist. He did a color Doppler echo test of my heart and also EKG, and said it was all right. Basically everyone said it was stress and anxiety related.

Although my symptoms really do point to anxiety, what worries me the most is that for the past 2 months, my "heart" chest pains are getting stronger. Usually they would start late at night when I would lie down to sleep, and did not appear when I was active. For the last month, the pain is usually constant, I feel it from the moment I wake up, and it gets worse over the course of the day. At night it can be really painful. Also, the pain gets worse when I feel emotionally stressed or intense, even when I am watching a scary movie or something. When I lay in bed, it feels worse, so when I get to a sitting position, It feels better then to be in a horizontal position. Also, when I press on my chest in some places (on the left side) I can feel the pain getting stronger. (I had no injury that would result in that kind of pain, nor did I strain my muscles or something). The pain is located on the left side of my chest (sometimes in the middle), and it goes to my armpit, neck, arm and back, and once even my jaw. So my biggest question would be if this pain really could be anxiety related, and can anxiety produce such constant and persistent pains, or do my symptoms suggest something else, like GERD? Not one of these doctors mentioned that possibility, and I found out about GERD on my own. Also, I noticed I keep burping constantl, not the loud type, but the silent burping every 20-30 minutes or so.
First I would like to say I am sorry to hear how you are feeling and would like to wish you good health.
You have had various Heart Checks and all seems to be well there. I suffer from Gerd and believe me I have experiences some very strange symptoms. Gerd can make you feel short of breath and also as if you are having symptoms with your heart especially if it is really painful. Belching is certainly one of the symptoms. The fact that you feel better upright than lying down can also relate. Are you on any medication at the moment as sometimes these can have side effects.
Anxiety can bring all sort of symptoms also. I have experienced Anxiety myself this week after losing my beloved Cat, and have had Heart Palpitations, Shaking, Chest pains etc. Do see your Dr and ask him if It might be AR/Gerd. If it is Anxiety/Gerd he is the one to help you. All the Best. Solofelix.

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