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Peptigon has mysteriously gone quite. There was a small trial (very small) with some success and then radio silence. You can find a few posts relating to Peptigon on this board. So pretty sure that it is not available yet, not sure if hasn't reached the expected efficacy, etc., etc., . I too have been trying to find out the status. There is a website, but it is pretty much a shell. Plus, my understandng is that Peptigon attacks Pepsin which Dr. Kaufman and others charge with being the evil do-er in your throat that is activated by acid. Pepsin eats away your throat tissue when activated by acid since there is no protein there for it to breakdown. The throat just doesn't have the protecitve layer of the esophog. If your problem is vagal though - not sure how this would bring total relief? You are spot on that folks are having success with neuro drugs. I have many of your symptoms.. and some others, and was told that I have LPR and PVVN - placed on 2x daily PPI and Klonopin to treat the malfunctioning Vagus Nerve - which seems to be the typical culprit. I have also seen (sorry for spelling) Neurontin, Elavil, Lyrica all providing relief - additionally, Xanax has helped many - including me. The Xanax seemed to relax the neck and ease my breathing and throat tightness/globus. The Klonopin didn't work miracles for me, so I am back to the doc in about a week to adjust to something else. I just didn't like the fact that it zoned me out which wasn't good for work and being happy in general. It is clear to me that it is trial and error to find the combo that works for you - - there isnt a LPR drug cocktail out there yet that is a universal solution. Problem might be that, for some, the problem is more of an acid/pepsin issue, for others it could be that you have nerve damage caused by a trigger event or virus. Both are complicated. In my instance, I am refluxing (PH test confirmed) but esophogeal mahnometry shows that my UES and LES are functioning just fine. Totally strange. LEMG shows nerve damage at 4 testing point is the throat. This "LPR Thing" is not a one size fits all problem. Look for postings by Seeking Sunrise... he has some nice summary info on members who have had success with nerve-focused drugs. On a good note, I woke up today and my tongue was only slightly white and chalky - better than yesterday which looked like I brushed my teeth with milk. Also, stopped the Klonopin last night, and both of my eyes are open. Thx -
I'm interested in your thoughts of burning mouth syndrome being related to LPR. I also have both, but never thought about them being related. I got the BMS about 10 years ago after a dental procedure, and suffered with it for years. It SLOWLY got better, and finally settled in my upper molars, causing me to clench or press my teeth together constantly. (Yes, I have a mouth guard, but I still clench and press!) Anyway, I also have LPR. No heartburn, but bad reflux during the night when I'm asleep. I wake up most mornings with sore throat and tons of mucous and dry cough. I have big problems with most meds, so have been unable to take Prilosec, Prevacid and Pepcid. Right now my only "treatment" is a wedge pillow to raise my head, neck, upper body. I never get a good night's sleep on the darned thing, but it does help the LPR.
I never thought much about BMS and LPR being related, but the more I research, the more I see there may be some connection. I also clench and press my teeth together, which I know doesn't help BMS. I never had LPR until after an unsuccessful TIF procedure to correct my acid reflux. a few years back. I already had BMS at that point. I have tried everything possible to correct or make it torrerable my burning mouth. I now am taking Lyrica and clonnzipam for my mouth and have had no LPR related issued in quite a while. Either the meds help both problems or they are somehow related. My gastro doctor says there is definitely no connection because for awhile I though the burning was caused by reflux into my mouth. I have yet to find a doctor or dentist who knows anything about burning mouth syndrom. I really had never heard the theory that nerve meds helped LPR. Any info anyone has will be appreciated

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