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For those of you with GERD or(reflux disease) and heartburn, I am wondering could this disorder cause bowels to act up. I seriously feel that when my bowels are acting up that I have this acidic burning throughout my bowels and my bowels get very very irritated. I often get bowel urgency, incomplete evacuation problems and small loose frequent stools which sometimes alternate with constipation. I was taking Nexium as needed but I think the turning my proton pump on and off all the time was creating lots of rebound heartburn and excess acid production. I notice that when I have my bowel problems that I also have GERD symptoms.

Can the excess acidity cause bowel problems like this ?

Also I notice that sometimes when I swallow food there is a sore spot somewhere in my esophagus, I can feel it as food slides past it and I think it is some kind of damage from my frequent heartburn.

I decided to just take my nexium as ordered and take it every day. UGH I am just at such a loss. I am off work and need to try and get stable enough to get back to work. This is rediculous.

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