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yep, nearly the same symptoms as me. I had an EGD done recently and doc said it was mild esophagitis and gastritis. What bothers me the most is the off/on burning in esophagus about where the collarbone meets the sternum. It was really bad about 4 months ago when it started, but I have been on prilosec OTC (20mg/2x daily) and that seems to help, but the darn pain won't go away for good. I had this 16 years ago back in college and it seemed to only last a couple weeks. They gave me propulsid back then.

Like you, I get relief from forcing a burp, eating food, chewing gum. Drinking water actually seems to make it hurt. It doesn't really burn anymore, but more of a dull achy, sometimes sharp pain feeling. Also, have a pressure feeling in the upper chest occasionally. The lump in the throat feeling also went away awhile back, but was definitely there. I've cut out coffee, chocolate, and almost all alcohol for the last 4 months and it doesn't seem to matter, as in it still won't go away. I decided to start casually drinking alcohol again, cause unless I know that is a sure trigger, I am not putting my life on hold. It's been a major PITA, mainly cause I feel like I've done everything right and still not 100% improved. I feel like I am wasting money on the prilosec. I have a GI appt. in July so we'll see what he says.

One other thing: my pain seems to bother me more when sitting down or driving my car. When I stand, I feel great. I was thinking hiatal hernia, but doc said nothing about that after endoscopy.

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