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I am a 24 yr old female that had a Lap Coley done on 3/25/2011 due to a non-functioning gallbladder, it was black when the removed it (basically is was dead and causing an infection). My symptoms that started the idea of a gallbladder attack were:

Vomiting (only at night)x 2 months- daily
Choking sensation x 2 years (that I can remember, its felt like a lifetime.)
Regurgitation though only minimal.

After my Lap Coley, I have had continued choking sensation, regurgitation, chest pain when laying down (and swallowing), I have started vomiting again (even worse it seems that my gag reflex is so sensitive the I throw up while brushing my teeth.) **The vomiting, chest pains all started within the last few days, it feels like my symptoms are getting worse.

I asked my surgeon if this is symptoms of "dumping syndrome" common after a gallbladder surgery, but he said no because I do not get severe headaches and sweats. He reviewed my Upper GI test I had done before my surgery and where the Radiologist thought I had a problem with my Duodenum (which is where the stomach connects to the lower intestine) my surgeon said it was clear I have a Hiatel Hernia, which is obviously at the top of my stomach. I am concerned about the contradictions, but I trust my surgeon (he is the "family surgeon", he saved my father's life, and has cut on my Gpa, and my mother as well.)

I guess I am looking for anyones thoughts and opinions or if anyone else has similar issues. I am scheduled for a Ph Test and an EGD (upper endoscopy) on the 16th of June.


P.S. it has been proven already that I have Reflux, but I have never felt "heartburn". I was taking Nexium 40mg qd and my Surgeon took me off of it until after my EGD. I take Welchol for the nausea and the "stomach churning" I get after every meal. I have never really known what Heartburn feels like and I can only associate my chest pains as an onset of heartburn.

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