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The last doctor I saw told me that all the medicines that I took about two months ago overloaded my system and he thinks that now my immune system is *slightly* off balance. I definitely think my white tongue issue is connected to GERD somehow and that post nasal drip is also part of this painful equation. What I find bizarre is that after taking Zantac, after a week I started to get a dry cough again. It's almost like one medicine is peeling back a layer to reveal another underlying problem. Maybe you're on to something though, I have been drinking lots of soda and coffee and I eat tons of sweets. On the night that I didn't have any cake before sleeping, my tongue improved a bit in the morning. I'm now curious whether the dry cough might mean that my throat is starting to heal after starting Zantac, but I am not sure. My doctor only gave me a two week course, so I will see after I finish it. I don't even mind the stomach ache and heartburn, I just want a normal tongue again, I really miss my normal tongue... :(

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