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I am praying that someone may be able to help my husband. He has been suffering for years with acid reflux and other ailments. He has been on a hypoglycemic diet for years. Back in the late 80's he started having all kinds of health issues and also panic attacks. He was spiraling downward, and almost coudn't leave the house.

We didn't leave our county for several years because as soon as we would get very far from home, he would start to feel sick and said he thought he was coming down with the flu. Sometimes if he had been drinking, he would open the car door and say he was going to get out while I was driving. I would literally be hanging on to him until I could manage to pull over and stop the car. He had so many weird symotoms. We got some books on hypoglycemia after seeing something about it on tv. It was amazing how many of the symptoms described him, even the "urge to jump out of a moving vehicle". He started a hypoglycemic diet and quit smoking. So many of his symptoms disappeared.

He started to feel more normal, and has watched his diet diligently ever since. He has continued to have problems, including bloating, a few incidences of gout in his toe, and acid reflux. He had mercury poisoning several years ago from eating too much tuna, which he thought was a good protein source. He had to deal with that for awhile, and we both thought he was dying of cancer or something at that time. The last few years have been getting worse. He has an almost constant sore throat, lump in his throat, and feels sick every day. He has been to a gastroenterologist who said the first step was to try protonix. That was in January. After about 5 weeks he seemed to be feeling better, and was starting to feel hopeful. A few months ago it stopped really helping. I called the doctors office and they changed the prescription to dexolant. That seemed to make him feel even worse.

This whole time he has been trying every natural remedy out there, including apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, herbs, herbal teas, enzymes. He tries so hard to just feel good. He eats organic veggies, apples, bananas, organic eggs and chicken breast, salmon. He hasn't been eating anything that should cause reflux. We are at our wits end. He is so depressed and feels no hope for the future. He had an endoscapy last week and we are waiting for the results. There was abnormal tissue on his esophogus which may be Barrett's. We were told that the preliminary report is back and there is no malignancies, but the doctor hadn't reviewed the results yet, so that is all the assistant would tell me.

He feels like he can't eat anything anymore. No matter what he eats it makes him sick. We have no life anymore. If you don't have your health there is nothing. I know that his stress is not helping his condition, but how can you not be stressed when you feel so sick? It is a viscious cycle. I am not sure if you can offer any advice, but I am desperate to find him any help. He is such a wonderful loving person, and I am in so much pain seeing him in this state. Thank you

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