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For the last several months I have been visiting all different sites for relief/ help with my (What I feel is, bad health luck) and I finally decided just to make my own thread for better help. Here's my story:
I am 21 years old (Don't let that fool you though; because of my age doctors seem to think I must be invincible) and am petite.
I have had asthma my whole life, in recent years symptoms have died down unless I am sick like I was earlier this year in February with Bronchitis.
It was horrible to say the least. Took 500mg CLARITHROMYCIN and had adverse reaction within 2 hours so they switched me to 250mg AZITHROMYCIN and i took my albuterol inhaler and it slowly got better.
Ever since then it seems that it set off a whole load of health problems.

After a month of bronchitis/ flu symptoms for some stupid reason I got a starbucks frappachino but of course to be smart I got that low calorie one with the soy or something.. Bad idea, I've never been big on Coffee or any caffeine, I never drink it... like ever.. Needless to say it made me sick. Had trouble breathing unless I drank water and burped and it caused me gallbladder pains in my shoulder, bloating, constipation, feeling of fullness and heartburn.. The works. It never went away either. I finally saw my first GI. Told me I had IBS and probably GERD and wanted to do a scope and told me to take benefiber. I took the fiber, never got the scope (cost was an issue then) and realized (sorry boys) my pms/period was a cause for the constipation.
So after that I starting reading books about IBS and what foods to eat. Got into eating organic foods. I have always eaten healthy. No fast food, very little fried foods, fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish. Not eating big meals but 1-3 small meals and snacks in between. Of course I couldn't be perfect, my job provides us with food and even though that is awesome, its not the healthiest choices all the time. Plus its a stressful job, I never know when I'm gonna be working and the hours are all over. 4am-9pm sometimes 2pm-2am. You never know.
Well fast forward to April. The month I really began to hate medicine. I realized I had heat rash all over my back since October of 2010 but because the cold weather I had no idea until it got hot one day in April so I was prescribed TRIAMCINOLONE 0.1% CREAM even though you couldnt see any red bumps, I put it on 1-2 a day. The itchy feeling went away but every so often if I get hot fast I can still feel a little prickly feeling, dunno if that is normal.
I also had a couple of infections which required antibiotics and anti-fungals. I got bacterial vaginosis(CLINDAMYCIN 2% VAGINAL CREAM), then that medicine gave me a U.T.I (PHENAZOPYRIDINE 200 MG TAB) and those medicines gave me yeast infections (FLUCONAZOLE 150 MG TABLET )..
So from all these medicines I was bound to have digestive upsets.
I thought I had a hiatal hernia at one point, my chiropractor told me to do some exercises that didn't help so obviously not a hiatal hernia he also told me about ibs relief and to take digestive enzymes. I haven't taken any of those yet instead I got align. (I've been thinking about trying the enzymes now.) Still with no relief from the medicine side effects and genetic tummy problems(mom; ibs galbladder surgery. Dad; gerd) I tried Prevacid for the first time In May. I took it for 7 days since I am smaller and to see what would happen. During that time I noticed my tonsils were really bothering me. I thought it might be tonsillitis since I used to get it frequently. So I gargled salt water drank emergen-c and brushed my teeth often but after a week nothing helped so I looked up my symptoms which were at night my tonsils and lymph nodes were really swollen my voice got hoarse and I had the red/white tongue and some trouble breathing but not because of my lungs but my throat. So I thought maybe the yeast infection came back since I am prone to them but this time in my throat so I took a difulcan and it did not help so I went to a Urgent care one day when it got bad and the doctor took one quick look and was like "yes, your tonsils are swollen. Its probably tonsillitis" and practically shoved me out the door. So I said "But nothing has relieved the symptoms for 2 weeks now" so she gave me 2 prescriptions of AZITHROMYCIN 500 MG TABLET each had 3 tablets. She told me that if the first dose doesn't help to take the second. I ended up having to take it for 6 days because I had no relief and yet again the antibiotics gave me a yeast infection. (another round of difulcan)
During the course of Z-pack I traveled to Arizona. I noticed that my throat wasn't as bothersome there. After I came back to the stressful city of LA I was feeling a little better. Just nauseous from Z-pack..
But a couple weeks go by and again my throat/tonsils are bothering me.
To make things better while I was at work I grabbed a bite of brownie quickly and it felt like it was stuck in my throat so I quickly sipped some water.. Unfortunately I also inhaled the water causing me to make that horrible wheezing sound and I was bending over trying to catch a breathe but I couldn't so someone performed the Heimlich maneuver on me and well even though it was a kind gesture there was no need for a Heimlich when it was just water which dissipates on its own, also me being 5'2" and him being 6 feet + it was quite a forceful blow and hurt tremendously I immediately felt incredibly nauseous and my work sent me to the ER. I got a CT and they said everything was okay and sent me home. My stomach hurt for a few days not too bad unless I had a large meal. About a week later i had no pain from the event but my throat was still bothering me. While i was at the ER I asked the doctor about mt throat problems and if it could have caused me to gag on the brownie he told me to see an ENT, a week later I did.

Now to a more recent past (the last couple weeks) After my visit the ENT had me get an ultra-sound of my thyroid because of the swelling and difficulty swallowing (which had gotten worse). I wasn't able to eat after like 2pm because I was choking on everything except water. They found nothing wrong with my thyroid or nodules. He told me it was definitely my gerd and possibly post-nasal drip so he recommended OTC prilosec and a nose spray which I have not tried yet because the prilosec dried out my eyes, nose, and mouth. So I did not want to add the PATANASE nasal spray to the mix to dry out my nose & throat even more.
The second day of my prilosec, being starved the day/weeks before I woke up to my heart pounding, I could barely walk, my legs were shaking, I felt horrible, I tried to eat some oatmeal but could barely stand, My boyfriend found me slouched over in the kitchen and carried me upstairs and I threw up the oatmeal and then just bile like 6 times within a few hours. I called my mom (her being an RN) and she told me I needed to go to the ER and get an IV immediately. I was severely dehydrated i needed 3 liters of fluids and was still starving and wasn't aloud to eat since I had been throwing up. Also I found out I have low blood pressure. Being dehydrated made it even worse it was 70/50 after the fluids it went to 90/60.. The hospital wasn't very interested in helping me fix anything just get me feeling better and outta there. They told me to keep taking the prilosec and keep up on fluids which I have been, I drink a bottle of smart water a day if not more along with capri-sun, koolaid, rice milk, almond milk.. etc. Strangely even though l was/am drinking all those fluid i feel like I should be peeing a lot more then I am. Maybe my bladder is just use to that much liquid now..? After 5 pills of prilosec I was having the worse side effects of it. Very dry mouth/eyes/nose. bleeding/spotting trouble breathing stomach pain constipation, dizzy-ness everything. So I switched to prevacid. (I have 2 pills to go, the prevacid lowered the side effects and has helped with heartburn). Every so often my throat will start bothering me again. Makes me wonder if the prevacid is swelling up my throat/lymph nodes/ tonsils or causing post nasal drip. I have been taking claritin everyday sometimes Cloro-Trimeton for extra help or even benadryl at night and also tylenol for the swelling in my throat/tonsils and zantec for extra help just in case. I have been tired from the moment I wake up and constantly dizzy.
The first week after my recent ER visit I ate simple foods. Cream of wheat, cream of chicken, oatmeal, jello, apple sauce, melon slices.. etc.. and recently been able to eat some normal foods like chicken hot dogs (as long as i let the bun soak with ketchup and take small bites) and I got a little bit of beef down the other day. But I still will get the feeling of not being able to swallow sometimes and will have to like jump forward fast and my heart will get an adrenaline rush. So I constantly have water around for fear that I will choke again.
There were a few days recently this week where I was perfectly fine with my throat but yesterday and today now, right after breakfast my throat bothers me. It feels tight in the front neck muscles.
I got an endoscopy 2 days ago, they said everything was fine and healthy, no bile damage. Said I need to deflect stress and continue prevacid (I have a little pain when swallowing down by my sternum but its slowing going away, they said it was from the air pumped in my stomach. Also I've been sleepy and very dizzy, yesterday I got up from sitting on my bed and immediately had to fall to the floor because I got very light headed and it went dark and blurry, I'm guessing from the sedatives mixed with low blood pressue..?) They took a biopsy for allergy testing, I also got blood drawn for food allergy testing and a respiratory panel which I still haven't heard back from yet. Hopefully I will hear back in a couple days.
Yesterday my sister texted me and one of our neighbors kids over in AZ had symptoms like mine and they couldn't find anything wrong in endoscopy or thyroid but he got a hydrogen test and he ended up having ecoli in his stomach acting as an incubator making him sick.. Wondering if I should get that test done, I dont know where I would ask for that; asthma doctor?
I know this was long, I got tired writing it. But I am hoping for some help. I know there is something wrong with me that no one is figuring out or willing to find. I feel like doctors don't really care, there so black and white with there conclusions and gray areas are only for rare cases so they never think to check them.
So far main thing is stress. I have been off work for almost 2 weeks now and wont resume work till August so I can rest, relax, and de-stress. Wondering if maybe anxiety is making me sick and stress is making it worse. I never notice when I'm stressed but it must be quite often considering every doctor has told me its all from stress... ?

Anyone have any ideas or similar problems?

I'm going to AZ in a couple weeks, so I will see if the air over there (and peaceful desert) will help me feel better. I'm can't wait to be done with the prevacid, these medicines have very noticeable side effects for me. I'm also hoping I will feel better after I am done with them and can eat what I want. Being sick all the time is taking quite a toll on my relationship with my boyfriend.. Probably not helping with the stress department.

I'm desperately seeking relief!! I just want to be a normal young adult and go out with friends, enjoy a class of wine and be able to eat whenever and whatever.. =( I hate being that person.. the girl whose always sick and can't hang out or do anything.
Doctors treat me like a hypochondriac makes me wonder if I really am!!? But why on earth would I imagine this stuff and it happen to me? I don't want this.. I'm just annoyed with all these issues... So is it really gerd or am I just crazy?

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