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I often have trouble breathing, my stomach burns and when lying down, it gurgles. No medication seems to help. I do not take any prescription drugs, only vitamins.

I recently had all the blood tests possible and all results are super, not diabetic, cholesterol counts are normal. Then went for colonoscopy and endoscopy. But results showed no polyps, no ulcer. So why do I have a breathing problem and burning feeling in my stomach just before I eat and a bit afterwards? I kept track of food and seem to have trouble with food containing MSG. I have no bad taste in my mouth and some OTC pills help a little. When I have an attack, my sides begin to convulse. If I am near the hot tub I find the warm water and jets help relieve the pain and nausea. Strange that living in another country for a year without processed food - I had no problem. I do have asthma symptoms, but no one wants to say for sure I have asthma only asthma-like symptoms. Emergency inhalers work for about an hour. I can work outside and feel great, I come inside to do normal housework and I am winded. No carpets, all hard wood flooring, every gadget possible to withdraw pollutants from the air, clean with Lysol to keep everything clean.
So what's the problem and why do I not feel 100%? Is it all in my head? I am happily married, comfortable in same home for over 20 years.

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