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Newbie, gerd/nissen
Jul 28, 2011
Hi, can I just say thank you to everyone who has posted on this site I've learned a lot about this condition from here.

Ok so about me lol oh terrible at spelling.......

About June/July last year I was working abroad and got a bad stomach infection, for two weeks was nothing but water bowel movements and was bleeding rectally. This sorted out however I was still feeling nauseous in august. I'm normally fit and active running most days however about 4 weeks after getting back I got a really bad pneumonia and eventually admitted into hospital. Lots of antibiotics and finally allowed to leave. Almost immediately I started having pains under my left rib cage and left kidney area, CT scan was completed and nothing found. I then went through till Xmas very bad IBS type symptoms which eventually settled. I was put on 20mg PPI daily until my doc told me nothing wrong with you it's all in your head and took me off all medication. I then started with sever chest pains and numbness down my left side. After several hospital admissions I was given the all clear on my heart. Upto this point I had had 2 colonoscopy, numerous ultra sounds and xrays,CT and MRI all were clear less a slipped disk in the thorasic area. It was believed that with all the coughing from the pneumonia ripped mussels in chest and slipped the disk. When the attacks were at there worse I had a step infection and my throat was razor sharp more antibiotics and the step healed but I continued to have pain in my throat to the point of globus and difficulty swallowing. This was also causing a rash across my throat , almost like a shaving rash. This was constant for 3 months and has not fully healed yet and occasionally plays up. As you can imagine all of this was causing considerable pain and stress and it caused a few panic attacks due to the difficulty breathing. I have this much more in control :) I was eventually passed to a gastro and ENT specialists.
The gastro put me back on nexium 40 mg twice a day and within a few days the chest pain and attacks stopped, throughout this I have had classic gerd symptoms, sore throats, heartburn, constant uncontrollable burping, particually at night. I stopped all possible trigger foods, elevated my bed, no alcohol for nearly a year, and I don't smoke. But the symptoms have not eased.
The ENT found that my sinuses were chronically blocked, deviated septum and large turbines, they did septoplasty to rectify which went well and it has eased some of the sore throat issues and PND.
The gerd symptoms continued to cause pain and problems. About 3 weeks ago my gastro doc did the ph monitoring and the swallowing water test, it showed that my esophagus is working ok but the valve isn't, he believes this is due to the large hiatal hernia. I'm currently waiting the rest of the results, I go in on Monday for a barium swallow as since the test I've been getting worse chest pain and more than usual pain under my left ribcage, plus the pain has moved from under my cage to about a hands width higher.
I'm currently in Germany ( don't speak German... ) my gastro has mentioned possible surgery, and I am worried about all I have read about the op, plus having to recover in a German hospital and the language problems. I know I am still waiting results. But any advice or ideas are more than welcome.
Ty for taking the time for reading a lengthy post.

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