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I got diagnosed with a hiatal hernia 5 weeks ago. it was almost a relief as i have suffered with shortness of breath episodes, terrible heartburn, and bringing up food usually after going to bed too soon after eating, for too long.

Im on Nexium and have been for about 7 weeks. Its been good for stopping the heartburn, but the past week ive been burping a lot and also have felt a bit nauseous too. I'm seeing my gastro in 2 weeks and i will mention this to him, but im thinking its probably the Nexium.

You need to have an endo this will give you the answers you need. These hernia's throw out all sorts of symptoms, especially unusual pains around the upper torso, eg: shoulders, back and chest.

Go ask the Doctor for an Endo.... that way you will know whats going on. I also had a CT scan of my lungs because mine was also causing acid reflux which gave me a terrible cough, whil they were there they had a look around at my stomach, pancreas, and liver, and guess what they found a minute cyst on my liver which the radiologist said about 99% of people walk around with liver cysts and never know it, so im not worrying about that on top of all this !!! Good luck[/QUOTE]

My regular doc is out this week, so I'm reluctantly seeing a practitioner tomorrow morning about these issues. I feel better that I'm at least seeing someone this week about it, have some anxiety over it, which makes it worse.

I'm going to a different doc next week who I know is a more thorough dr. I wonder if an endo is something i can request? It sure would be a Huge relief to find out what's up after a lot of worrying about the unknown. I think I've had every symptom known to man in the last few weeks. Was a little light headed today. I'd like to just get a full body scan, lol. Check everything ! Then I might stop worrying about all the symptoms from head to toe.

Thanks for responding :)

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