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Recently I went to ER for radiating pain, from middle back around rib cage to middle of my chest, some tightness at the top of chest just below throat. Heart tests came back normal. They said it was costochondritis. That was a few weeks ago, but still have a moderate pinpoint pain under my right shoulder blade and get occasional pains under my right rib cage. Seems to be a little heavy breathing is accompanying this, almost like i'm not breathing as clear as I should, there is NO pain when breathing, just a heaviness, it comes and goes, but has been more steady the last two days. Have also had somewhat of a dry cough during all this.

I've had shortness of breath for years, mostly after eating and then while sitting down at my desk, sometimes when bending forward it happens, 99% of the time it does Not happen during activity or exercise. Has been a lot more frequent in the last 2 years.

But since this under the shoulder blade pain has started, I have had 2 large shortness of breath episodes in the last few weeks that made me move back a bit, they are pretty intense with some chest discomfort immediately following, the shortness of breath with the chest discomfort are quick and only last a second, but enough to scare me because of their intensity. Going to call the dr. tomorrow about these 2 larger episodes. They were about 2 1/2 weeks apart from each other, both while sitting down.

A family member suggested it could possibly be a hiatal hernia. I burp up a lot and have bloated feelings after eating, also burp up food occasionally in the esophagus after eating, mild heartburn is not as noticeable as the other symptoms. I also read where these symptoms could be gallbladder related.

I am a relatively good eater, a little bit of a belly, do occasional exercise, and a non-smoker, with no heart related problems in my family, other than my mother has Mitral Valve (considered mild), which I always thought I had because of the shortness of breath issues.

I was wondering what this could be. Should I be concerned?


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