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[QUOTE=utbrokers;4815102]Hello, I am a 29 year old healthy (Lifts Weight and runs) male that has had constant upper chest tightness since March. The tightness is 24/7. It varies in severity, but never goes away. There is nothing I can pinpoint that makes it worse and there is definately nothing that makes it better (Other than Golfing). I can feel the tightness in my upper chest/lower throat.

It all started in March. I started feeling the tightness and figured I was just getting sick. I have Asthma as well and whenever I get a cold I get this tightness. However, I never ended up getting sick and the tightness has never went away. My Inhalers do not help at all.

I went to my Asthma doctor and he thought that it was allergies. He also did a Pulmonary Function Test, which turned out good. Although March is too early for my allergies to start, I started taking Calritin anyways. He also give me a perscription of prednizone just incase there was an infection in my lungs.

A couple weeks later the Claritin and predinzone wasn't working, so I went to my family doctor. He did an X-ray to rule out Pneumonia and an EKG to make sure it wasn't my heart (Keep in mind that the tightness does not get worse when I am exercising). Everything turned out normal. His next theory was that it was acid reflux aspirating into my lungs. He put me on a stronger PPI and said to come back in 4-weeks if it wasn't helping.

The PPI did not work so I went back and he scheduled an endoscopy. The endoscopy showed no signs of acid reflux, however, there was a small Hital Hernia. He said the Hital Hernia was too small to be causing the tightness I was feeling and to keep on the PPI's and come back in another 4-weeks.

No surprise, I went back to the doctor in 4-weeks because nothing was helping. He scheduled an abdominal and chest CT. We also did some blood work. The Cat Scans and blood work all came back normal.

I have been off the PPI's for a couple weeks and although there has been a little reboud reflux, I don't notice any increase in symptoms. I will also mention that I was on a light does of PPI's before this because of problems swallowing food, (Started in November 2010) which helped take that away.

I do feel bloated sometimes, also, I haven't had what looks like a normal bowel movemant since March (sorry for the detail) that I wonder if it has anything to do with it.

I also went back to the Asthma and Allergy doctor to test for food allergies and It came back positive for slight allergy to Soy, but the doctor doesn't seem to think this is the problem. However, I am going to cut out soy for a month and see what happens.

Is there anyway this could still be realted to acid reflux? Although my difficulties swallowing are gone, could there still be an esophugus strictor that is causing this?

Please let me know if you our someone you know has experienced similar symptoms and what they found out.[/QUOTE]

High I have the same problem uoper chest and lower throat super tight. I haven't done endoscopy but I know it's from rebound acid but it feels like scar tissue bc it's super tight and used be sore. I won't be able go gym. I also have small hernia so I was wondering your endoscopy showed no signs of any inflammation or scar? Wonder why it's so tight for you? If I did dips I'd be in pain.

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