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I'm wondering if any of you have found any resolution to this issue as I am experiencing the same thing. A little background - about three years ago I was diagnosed with ulcers in my esphogus and stomach. The main problem then was that I would throw up about an hour after eating. I was put on Protonix, the ulcers cleared up and everything was fine for well over a year.
About three months ago, I had my left kidney removed due to a structural issue that develped due to a back surgeon's incompetence. Starting about six weeks ago I began to have this problem with constant, deep belching. I have some nausea, sometimes there is a sharp pain under my rib cage on the right and/or left side, but no heartburn. Just this constant belching which can go on for hours after I eat. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat. The Protonix doesn't help and neither does any over the counter medication. Eating very small meals makes it a little bit better. Lying on my side makes it much worse, but lying on my back seems to be okay. Anything anyone has found that helps would be greatly appreciated.

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