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Hi all, I have been on these message boards fairly frequently over the last few years. I have unknowingly suffered from silent acid reflux for quite a few years now. Constant sore throats that were treated as colds etc etc. I have also had burning throat from time to time, mucous, ear ache, neck pain, burping etc etc.

Had an upper GI endoscopy nearly 2 years ago and was diagnosed with a 3 cm hiatus hernia. Since then I have tried Pantoprazole (didn't really do much for me), Oemaprazole and Lansoprazole. I am also on 300mg Ranitidine in the evenings.

My main symptom nowadays is that of a feeling of irritation right at the back of my tongue/top of my throat on the left hand side, as well as still getting neck pain and ear pangs. Went back to my ENT who said he was not clinically concerned but sent me for a neck MRI for which I am still waiting for the results.

Does my throat irritation sound familiar to anyone. It is more of an irritation than a pain and is quite difficult to describe. Although my ENT could not see down to the point in question he did say my throat looking very healthy.

Does not bother me all the time everyday especially after waking up but tends to get worse as I move my tongue around to almost scratch the irritation (not really an itch)

A couple of beers definitely helps me to ignore it!

Sorry for the long post :-)

Good luck to all of you! This is tiring to say the least!!
[QUOTE=River99999;4878720]I have the same problem, back of tongue or upper throat at the left side feels swallen or kind of abnormal. My tongue was covered by white coat too and the left side of the tongue is swallen. I can see teeth scores at the left side of the tongue. I also feel a sweet mouth and have hoarce voice from time to time - it occurs usually 1-2 hours after a meal. It lasts for several hours or even a whole day. ENT doctors say it is LPR (LaryngoPharyngeal Reflux), but the medicines given by the doctors (PPI) made it even worse...I really like to exchange information and get helpul hints from all friends on this healthboard...[/QUOTE]

I have the exact same issues. Once I have the lump in my throat and the white coated tongue, the very next day I have horrible heartburn and back pain. i have tried all the medications and nothing has helped. I have not seen my GI doctor since the heital hernia was found, but i have an appt next wednesday.

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