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Gerd and Magnesium
Aug 21, 2011
I posted a rather long issue recently called "Pressure in Abdomen" I have recently been reading some older posts from a member named bluepumkin.
I was diagnosed with GERD as well as the aforemetioned duodenal ulcer. However I dont really have heartburn or acid in my throat. However some foods like sauce or other spicy food in excess do give me heartburn. The pressure or fluttering feeling is under my left ribcage and radiates toward the left shoulder blade. After reading some of these older posts, it seems many people have the spasms along with the heartburn.They all say that taking magnesium supplements is like a life saver for them. I do have low energy most all of the time and I am beginning to wonder if this is my problem. My diet is not the best and I definetly dont eat alot of veggies. Any thoughts out there that are current and in line with those older posts about magnesium deficiency?

If all I need to do is add a supplement and change my diet, I would much rather do that than spend useless time in the doctors offices that dont help. They make you miss work, wait on their schedule and spend 5 minutes with you only to prescribe some pill. Would low magnesium show up in bloodwork?
I had a ton of that done too and they always say its fine. Never once has a Mag deficiency been mentioned by the doctors.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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