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Hello everyone. I've been having trouble with my health for years although the past year has been horrible.

I have had prostatitis and prostate enlargment since being 13 , it was very hard to get this diagnosed since I was so young but eventually I found a doctor who knew exactly what was wrong. To treat the condition I was put on antibiotics for 2 years straight until I was 15/16 along with a long term pain killer called " gabapentin ". They helped with the prostate problem although I eventually came off the antibiotics. I always never felt myself after coming off them , just generally feeling more run down than I did before taking them.

Last September I took another course of Antibiotics called " Tetracycline " which were for slight acne and also to help my prostate again since it was acting up at the time. Taking those tablets was the biggest mistake of my life.

About a month into them I started to feel sick , more so at night and I had no idea what was going on. I knew it was the tablets causing it though so instantly stopped them.
Ever since then I've had the same problem getting worse and worse up until now where I have many other symptoms also.

Every night I feel sick , my stomach is tingling and burning as if I'm on fire and I also tend to feel dizzy all the time. I've lost over 3 stone and now I'm a stone and a half underweight.

I've had allergy tests and they came back postive for wheat , dairy and a low result for nuts. I've avoided all of this and gluten for the past 2 months.

I had a CT scan that came back clear and then an endoscopy which shown and I quote " slight reflux " , " erosion of the stomach lining " and " esophagus erosion ". They apparently ruled out celiac disease and chrons disease although as mentioned I've been having a gluten free diet anyway.

I also have Vitamin B12 and B9 deficences for which I take supplements and get jabs for.

I've been put on omeprazole 20mg once per day which help slightly but the pain is still very obvious and unbearable and the omeprazole also tend to make me feel dizzy and get stomach aches. :(

I have a few questions for everyone here.

1. Could antibioitcs have caused this acid reflux and if so how does that happen , is there anyway to reverse what they caused ?.

2. I don't like keep taking omeprazole since I'm already lacking vitamin B12 and from what I've read they can make this even worse !. My doctor doesn't agree this though and told me to carry on.

3. Is there anything else you could reccomend to ask my doctor or to buy and try for my problem ?.

I've completely changed my diet and all I eat is gluten free bread , chicken and vegetables. I've had no junk at all for 2 months but my problem hasn't changed at all. I'm completely at a loss with what to do.
I've never smoked in my life and I've never had a drop of alcohol.

All my friends have crappy life styles and are in perfect health !. :mad:
Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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