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Is this GERD?
Aug 29, 2011
Back in May I started to feel like i had something stuck in my throat. It felt like a pill that wouldn't go down but i knew it wasn't that. Then a couple of weeks later I had burning in my throat and upper part of my chest. It would come and go but the feeling of something in my throat didn't go away. I wasn't sure if certain foods were aggravating it at that time. It didn't seem to be. But later on it was chocolate that made it burn worse. I also had feeling of pressure in right side of chest and little pain in right side along with pain in upper right shoulder/back. I went to my PCP. He said it sounds like acid reflux and I should probably have upper GI done. I told him i would but would like to try some medication first. I have been on Nexium 40 mg for 2 weeks now. It helped the lump in throat feeling pretty fast. But I still have burning in throat and some discomfort in chest area. The odd thing is, once I go to bed it doesn't bother me during the night. And when I wake up in the morning I feel fine. But as the day progresses I start to feel some burning in my throat. I also have had more sinus drainage lately and little bit cough from time to time...but that's not bad. I am trying to not eat the things that seems to aggravate the burning. The dark chocolate being the worse...and coffee. I am not over weight, eat a fairly healthy diet and a very active person. Exercise regularly and do a lot of cycling. I'm just wondering; does this sound like GERD? Will the Nexium heal it up? It has helped but wondering will it eventually make the symptoms go away?

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