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[QUOTE=Ambee102;4835552]Two weeks ago I was on an muscle relaxer. I had stomach cramps and diarrhea. I stopped taking it but since then I have had a lot of burping. Sometime there is this gurgling or acid I hear. kinda like the fizz of a soda. I have some shoulder neck and chest discomfort and pain before that. I do feel very tired and have some spells where I feel my heart beating hard and out of breathe almost. I have an itchy neck mostly at bottom. I did go to doc and he didn't say anything about acid reflux. He did a chest neck spine x ray and some blood work. He also did a liver kidney test to make sure they were functioning right. Which all came back fine. I am wondering if all along it could have been acid reflux and the muscle relaxers made it worse? Does this sound like acid reflux or do I need to go have it checked out?[/QUOTE]

Burping, Chest pain/discomfort and shortness of breath can relate to Acid Reflux and also a Hiatal Hernia.
These symptoms can also relate to H.Pylori or an Ulcer .
I have had an Ulcer and H.Pylori also have Hiatal- Hernia and suffer from the same symptoms.
Strangely I dont suffer with Heartburn. Another symptom of the above ones are Nausea.
See your Dr and ask for a Endoscopy/Biopsy to see what is going on. Solofelix.

PS. Dont know what the itch in the neck is!!..

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