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Hi Kristen.
My GERD / anxiety started 1.5 years ago from a similar "traumatic" episode involving a drug (mephedrone) comedown.
First of all, you are actually quite fortunate to have all those tests done on you. I only had the privilege of an endoscopy...and the doctor is quite confident with a diagnosis (i'm not so sure).
You can rule anything "serious" out per se, because you've had EKG, endoscopy, x-rays etc. It's unlikely to be diet related since you say you've had allergy tests, and i would think it would have started alot earlier on in your life if diet was a factor.
I suffer from predominantly bloating, but also the stuff you've mentioned in bold, and the odd, short panic attack (usually when im having heart palpitations, etc). i too feel the need to burp.

I would think the most likely cause of your reflux is stress / anxiety, so this needs to be addressed. There are two options - beta blockers (slow the heart beat down, reduce palpitations), or SSRI's (xanax, zoloft etc, which treat anxiety a different way by replenishing serotonin levels).

Discuss these options with your doctor, if he gives you the choice go for the SSRI. im currently on beta blockers and i dont feel they are as effective since they dont target the brain...i'm going to ask to be put on an ssri

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