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Hi, I'll first off start by telling you the full story.

I've been feeling great for a long time, until recently.

I started drinking around the age of 18 till 20. I started drinking even more around the ages of 19-20, but now have fully eliminated alcohol from consumption.

Also noted, I only vomited from drinking one time my entire life.

About a year later (still around the age of 20) I developed a strong cough which lasted about 2 weeks. It got bad enough that I was almost vomiting when I would cough. Shortly after this I ended up having stomach pains mimicking a stomach ulcer, but actually never had any. One night, while trying to sleep, I woke up and vomited a lot of blood. Shortly after this I went to the hospital where they told me it was a mallory-weiss tear. They did an endoscopy and put some type of "clip" on it to stop the bleeding. I was in the hospital for about a week, and received two blood transfusions. I was then dispatched out of the hospital at the end of the week. When at home, I still continued to have upper chest pains, and the feeling of wanting to cough. I was prescribed a few allergy medications, but none did the trick.

About a week later, I had a panic attack, and my stomach hurt with extreme pain. I was quickly driven to the hospital again, which they tested my hemoglobin level and while being in the hospital the level dropped more and more, but never found any evidence of bleeding. They did another endoscopy at this time, but found that it was healing. Then after, they did a colonoscopy, but also found nothing.

Now, about almost a month later I have been constantly burping, and it doesn't matter what I eat. About a week after the burping episodes, my cough has come back again, not as bad as before the first hospital trip, but the tickling feeling has come back. The burping is so severe that it feels like my esophagus is going to explode. I also have upper-stomach pain intermittently right along my sternum. It almost feels like its muscular, but at times it feels like its something else. Sometimes I can even breathe in and out and at the same time the burps will occur, but not always.

I'm completely sick of burping, and coughing. I would love to feel better again, but nothing seems to be helping. Also recently, I have had a possible ear infection, and was perscribed 875MG of Amoxicillin for 2 weeks twice a day, but this only helped my ear infection, not my breathing, burping, or coughing. PLEASE HELP!

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