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long story short iv been having problems eating any types of foods for the last 3 years and this year has been the worst medical year of my life i dont no if i have acid reflux or gerd or ibs but i can give you an example if i eat a burger or a slice of pizza i will be running to the bathroom within 10 min with Abdominal Pain & Diarrhea this year since january i get this bellow on a DAILY BASIS

1. shortness of breath

2. 95 percent of the time left side chest pain and the pain gos down into my arm and hands the other 5 percent the pain can move from left to the right side of my chest this chest pain happends daily

3. daily 95 percent of the time right side abdominal pain went to the left side once or twice before also happends daily

4 i do have daily gas sometimes i feel like a have to burp and i feel the fluid comes up to the throught but wont come out

tests that have been done iv been to the hospital about 8 times this year

6 ekg test came back normal
blood work comes back normal
tested urine comes back normal
5 chest xrays all comes back normal

the dr is referring me to a gi that i will be seeing next month on the 4th so the bottom line is can acid reflux,gerd,or ibs cause the above the shortness of breath and chest and arm pain that gos into the hand scares the hell out of me my dr gave me xanax so i dont go into a panic attack i can wake up at 3am and feel like i cant breath this is a scrary situation i no its not panic attacks becuase i would not be getting daily chest and abdominal pain and i never had a panic attack in my life up untill january and i think the chest pain going down into my arm triggers a panic attack becuase i would get light headed,blurry vision ect
Glad I found this website.

recently had a fall and hurt my rib cage. I developed reflux symptoms and pain in the arms and thought it was from the fall. I drove to Flordia and back with the issues and then came home to build a 307 ft fence mostly by myself. But after the fence, I have been almost an invalid. Muscle soreness can't be this bad! But now that I read these posts, I feel that I am not the only one with these weird symptoms where doctors look at you 'funny'.

I get extreme pain occasionally in the middle of the night and have run to the ER thinking I am having a heart attack but all the tests come back fine. I get the shakes sometimes and there is pain my arms and I can't even speak well even though I am trying. After I took dexilant it was pretty bad. Similar to a seizure.

I had an upper GI and they saw reflux. I seem to be getting worse and worse. Its been a few months now and the left arm and should pain is worse. Sometimes the right arm hurts and the pain will extend the back too. The pain is in the obvious lower rib cage and sternum and feel flushing alot. It starts in the sternum and flushes outward. I can't do anything I used to. I can barely work, do anything physical, even trying to go to a movie is a hit or miss venture. I used to be an overacheiver type person that couldn't sit still. Now I lay around alot and take loan bath saoks and rub my skin with muscle rubs and take pain relievers. Sometimes Norco can make me feel like a normal person for a half a day.

It's empowering to know that other people have these same symptoms because no matter how many ekgs and blood tests and even a stress test three years ago, it still feels like a heart problem. I will definitely be more calm now when the pain is severe that it is just pain and I am not in a life threatening situation.

Does anyone have any symptom relievers? SOMETIMES muscle rub creams, epsom salt soaks and a shoulder massager machine will work.

I have an EGD scheduled next week to see further into the issue.

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