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I got my test results back from endoscopy.Severe Esophagitis,hiatus hernia,Severe gastritis,Duodenitis.I need to lose weight which will help hernia so I've been working out at gym everyday and have lost 10 pds already.My last drs appt. in July gave me a ekg and other tests because i was having chest pain and arm and said you are fine and that it was the hernia.Well I'm taking prilosec once a day and Rantidine 300 mg twice a day.She never explained to me what Esophagitis and gastritis and duodenitis was or being severe was it causing my chest pain and short of breath and food not being digested and coming back up.Sorry too much info.I have been exercising for weeks and she never even gave me a list what i could and couldn't eat.So I'm figuring it out on my own.This morning I got up and had a fried ham and egg on toast and 2 hrs later went on treadmill at gym for 20 minutes sweating up a storm not hurting or anything then when I got home I had horrible anxiety in chest which I have severe anxiety but it has been great and just started back the last couple days.Tiny pains in left side of chest and out of breath most of the day but that happens alot too but not this much.So I called dr and she said its not your heart you had a clear catherization 2 yrs ago and you dont smoke or drink or have high chloresteral and ekgs were good so its not your heart.Its like on the high left of by breast like sharp every now and then.She said its that sandwhich you ate with all that fried stuff and then you did excessive exercise only 2 hrs after you ate.She said you are having bad anxiety and acid reflux can cause shortness of breath and the rest.Took blood pressure it was high 140/70 pulse 60 okay.I have been getting palpatations to but mostly after I eat.Sorry so long just worried .Has these symptoms happened to anyone else.I'm having lava stuff coming up now and hurting in right breast.Thanks for listening Debra Anne I just get scared because it happened after exercising and she said i should have waited atleast 4 hrs after eating that sanwhich because it bad reflux worse by exercising after.Huh just dont understand

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